In the current era of smart technology and gadgets, securing a home is as easy as it can get. We are mostly skeptic about the new inventions for home security but now with the advancement of technology, the treacherous means of home security are replaced by the most user-friendly smartphones. Most common ways of using smart phones for home security are:

Cloud storage of CCTV

Connecting your CCTV with the cloud storage can bring out many advantages. The recorded tapes cannot be destroyed or confiscated, you need no space or store room to keep them safe and you can have access to your footage over the cloud from wherever you are. You can even put it on live streaming directly on your smartphone whenever you wish to do so.

Smartphone as video camera

Home security is crucial but to prevent raising the costs you can make use of the technology already at hand, for free. A simple method is using your old smartphone to replace the camera, and your current smartphone to serve as a the monitor. You can fix the old phones on several angles in your home to give you live feed from your house and can monitor it on your smartphone. There are many soft apps these days that can help you build an easy sensing and monitoring reaction through your phones and you can save up the cost and dangers to your home.

Timers? Not any longer

An easy way to keep intruders out is to create the illusion that you’re at home. While you aren’t, of course. How? Lights and sound, obviously. You don’t need to buy timers anymore, to turn your lights on and off. You can now do the same using your smartphone. And more since also the TV can be controlled from your smartphone. Despite the old-fashioned timers, the smartphone apps offer you the possibility to vary the times you turn on and off your electronics and from anywhere you are, giving intruders the feeling that you are at home.

Smart Locks

Securing our homes is a dire need of us all. We have been trying all the invention of electronic locks to keep our homes better protected. But now with the advancement of smart locks that can be locked or unlocked using our phones are the best possible solution to home security. No one can easily break into our homes by breaking the digital pads that are securing our home or copying the key pattern to make a new one without our consent. We will be able to secure our home well by using different apps through nothing but our own smartphone.