The high demand for students developing well designed social media presence has gained traction from significant employers around the world. It has become a protocol among these companies to screen their candidate’s profiles before proceeding to hire them. It is an advantage to those who are knowledgeable in all the angles of social media tools usage. Now, as a student, you have to ensure that you familiarize yourself with every tool and how useful social media can be to your profession. This is because the combination of your profession and building a brand using some of the well known social media sites has created a vital network career development.

Five Best Social Media Site to Use

On the other hand, we will help you to learn how to navigate around best and build your network. There are many sites available for use. However, according to our research, it is advisable only to use a few of these sites for effective results. Here are some of the best sites available online:


The site is one of the most known in the world and contributes to over 50% of the rest of social media sites across the globe. The site has been designed to allow its users to customize their profiles and tools to their specific requirements. You can reset your privacy settings. Upload photos and send posts around your interest. You can also open a personal page, group, or tailor it for the business or profession. You can join groups related to your career line, college groups, or follow specific experts you look up to in your career for insights. You can also use it for communication through its inbox option. The site allows live broadcasting of events among other business-related settings.


The site is known for its specialization in professional use only. It creates a platform for students who specifically want to develop their careers and profession. It attracts professionals from across the world on the different lines of duties to develop a network that connects them. Any student who is serious about their career would create an account on LinkedIn. Interestingly, the majority of companies have reports scouting for qualified candidates to offer them a chance in their institutions. You build a network of people around your profession by narrowing your reach to what you select on the interests through the help of widgets. You get posts and insights of other experts you follow and what they share on their timelines. Among the many uses of this site, here are the specifics:

  • Users can customize their profiles
  • Create curriculum vitae and share their expert experiences
  • Add their friends and colleagues to their networks


It is a new site created majorly for students and experts working with essay writer service companies. It allows its users to snap photos of WebPages to capture the information in it. This is also possible with quotes, business cards, and other details that you will be interested in storing. The app is applicable only on phones which makes it mobile and easy for students to use at all times. It also means you can access the information stored on the phone at all times. You can assemble notes and identify specific words in pictures. The feature helps in browsing through many pages of a book to find particular information of your choice within minutes. It is best known for assisting students on how to research for assignments.


If you are looking for a social media site with a broad range, reach to build an audience, then Twitter has it. It offers a chance for you to follow global leaders and experts in different areas. Follow on essential trends and create one through hashtags. You can also voice in through sharing videos, photos, and tweeting. Users can develop a tailored profile based on the goal of creating a twitter account. You can have more than a million followers, as well as a following.

Internship Rating

For a student who is looking for an internship, this site can be helpful. The internship rating is full of reviews from interns who have undergone the process. It gives you more insights on how to find and secure internship opportunities. Also, how to get the most out of such opportunities and gain useful experiences for your career life. You need to know what opportunities might come in plenty, but the ability to identify what you need is a crucial aspect. You will need to learn how to sever what you need and what you do not to secure the best chance, and this site is a good start.

The above sites are some of the best students can make the best use of in their academic and professional life. There are more which you will need to continue researching. This post will only make meaning if you give it a try. We advise you to give yourself a chance.