Pillows are one of the most widely used interior decorations. Textiles as a material are very characteristic, inexpensive and having many types, it is very easy to apply and introduce into the interior with the help of pillows. It is quite easy to change the decor of the room.

Let’s see exactly where we can use pillows, how to combine their shapes, patterns, and colors. Let’s focus only on those options that are the most relevant today.

How is the decor on the sofa?

These are exactly the pillows that are so comfortably scattered on the sofa. You can lean on them, you can push them aside, taking care of the fabric or drapery. But if the sofa, as in most living rooms, takes pride of place, the role of pillows in the perception of the entire room will be huge. That is why textile design needs to be treated very carefully.

When making a bed

Here we are not talking about large pillows, which are comfortable and often used during sleep, but about decorative pillows. It is appropriate to put them on a bed already covered with a blanket. As a rule, they do not carry any function other than decorative, which does not negate the almost unconditional need for them when decorating the interior of a bedroom.

As a functional mattress or a soft element on an armchair, chair, or bench

Pillows of this kind are often equipped with additional ribbons, ties, Velcro, and other fasteners that are needed to fix the pillows themselves. As for the size, it is almost always individual, such products are sewn most often to order and for a specific occasion.

Pillow as an object of upholstered furniture

These pillows are quite large. The fabric for them should be chosen wear-resistant and not marked, because the location of this pillow is almost always directly on the floor.

How to combine the colors and patterns of sofa cushions correctly?

And now let’s look at some successful examples of the organization of pillows by color scheme. You will only have to choose the most interesting option and try to bring it to life in your home.

In contrast the sofa

Choose pillow covers that actively contrast with the color of the sofa upholstery. For greater effect, use no more than 2 prints – similar or created by the inversion method. In most cases, the contrast will be a rare color, for example, purple. Designer purple pillows will be an excellent option for a contrasting effect.

Traditional patterns embodied in textiles

In the culture and traditions of different countries, you can find such a storehouse of inspiration that any artist will have enough for a lifetime. Having familiarized yourself with the ornaments of ancient peoples, you will be surprised at how much of this we use now, and how many worthy patterns can still be taken as a sample.

Pillow as a duplicate element

If it turns out that you have already used a lot of colors in the room, and only now it has come to pillows, you can smooth the situation as follows. Just duplicate in their upholstery the colors that are already present in the room. It will be ideal to repeat even fabrics, although a properly selected similar shade on a different texture will also look professional.

Thus, you will not aggravate the situation by using a variety of colors and shades, but simply support the atmosphere that has already been created. If there is an obvious overkill with flowers, pick up pillows to match the sofa so that it becomes a calm and discreet element in the room.

Proximity to living plants

A win-win option would be to support the green scale in the decoration of the room with decorative pillows. Let it be different shades of green and other natural colors of nature, which can be successfully alternated with expressive geometric patterns, simple lines, and shapes.

Black and white geometric patterns

We are returning to this pattern for the third time. And it is not surprising – it is precisely such variations of prints that are now at the peak of popularity. They look fresh, bright, and at the same time discreet.

Choose the most interesting pattern for you and use it in one or two pillows. If you have some other black and white elements in the apartment – a picture frame, a carpet, a coffee table, or a vase – you will create a decent ensemble and at the same time support the already established color combinations.

Naturalness and environmental friendliness in everything

Use natural fabric in the design of pillows. Its color scheme is quite simple, not too saturated. Although a certain brightness and accents can be added using printing or fabric inks. Whatever your interior, rough natural textiles will suit him. After all, it is appropriate both in the country style and in Art Deco.

Other elements (curtains or tablecloths on the table) in your home should also be made of pure and natural materials that look very characteristic without excessive decor and only add comfort and warmth to the room.

Don’t be afraid of unexpected decisions

Do not be afraid of experiments, it can give your room originality and uniqueness. For example, a kid’s room or a guy’s room can be decorated with custom-shaped pillows made in the form of machines. You can choose the car model on AllAboutVibe.

As you could see, it is quite simple to combine pillows. Design is about emotion and spontaneity. Give in to feelings and listen to the feelings inside yourself. And you will succeed!