Our kitchens are the most loved corners of our house. Every homeowner takes pledges to keep it clean and hygienic as the most important thing, i.e., the food we eat every day is made there and any unhealthy condition cannot be tolerated inside it. But a kitchen doesn’t always comprise of the healthy stuff, be it the kitchen wastes or the blocked kitchen sinks, you can find reason to not love the kitchen of your house if you don’t root for the proper maintenance and up keeping of the most preferred corner of the house.

Often, it’s seen that people suffer from the problem of blocked drains and clogged sewer pipeline due to improper and untimely maintenance of the same. Also, at times, they over exploit the usage of the sewer system due to which they face the problem of clogging. And it is not that clogs occur in a day, it takes time to accumulate the wastes which causes the blockage and ultimately it leads to the unwanted harassments.

One such issue with blockages occur within the kitchen of the house; the clogged kitchen sink! Though it can be prevented with proper maintenance, you must always know how to unclog it in case you face the issue any time. Here are some few tips which may help you garner knowledge about how to unblock a drain! Read on to learn more.

Pour boiling water and salt mixture

Boiling water has the ability to clean of the hardy and greasy substances inside the kitchen sink drains which are the primary reasons behind causing a blockage. You can put around half cup of table salt into the clogged drain before pouring the boiled water into it. Once you pour the boiling hot water into it, it will clean up all the dirt within and flush them out within minutes of the application.

Pour baking soda and vinegar mixture

You must remove the standing water in the drain first before applying this mixture of baking soda and vinegar. For all those who don’t know, baking soda works wonder as a sink unblocker and thus, used by even the services experts at times to clean off the clogged drains efficiently. First pour the baking soda into the clogged drain and then pour the vinegar just immediately. Let the solution stand for about 15 minutes and then run hot water through the pipeline to remove the clogs and wash off the dirt to clean the drain.

Use a plunger

Using a plunger to unclog a kitchen drain is a very effective way that can be sued by any commoner without even the knowledge of cleaning the drains. It is not at all a tough task to do so. You can easily use the common household plunger to unclog the drain. Use it in a way that you become successful in letting off the solid wastes to clean the drain off them. Often these solid wastes are the reasons behind such clogging of the drains and by using a plunger you can get rid of those wastes to free the sink of the clogging.

Clean the p-trap or locate the disposal blockage area and clean it

The p-trap is the often the main area of clog in any blocked pipeline condition and if you tend to clean it first then half the problem of the blocked drain is solved through it only. Know where the clog arises and then clean it through one of the ways mentioned above, thereon the remaining cleaning process would be easier.

Use jet water sprays

Jet sprays clean the clogs faster and thus, you can utilize the force of water to get rid of the stubborn clogs easily.

There are several reasons behind a clogged kitchen sink. It can be due to the solid materials that are made to pass away with the kitchen wastes through the sink. Or it can be the soap formulations which continues to add layers to the pipeline and ultimately leads to clogging.

Therefore, one cannot be too sure about why a kitchen sink is clogged or what is causing the blockages of the kitchen drains. But you must always have the knowledge of unblocking a clogged kitchen sink in case you need to clean it up in an emergency condition.

The given tips to unclog a kitchen sink can prove to be worthy of application whenever you face any such symptom with your kitchen sewage line. But in case, you are not able to handle the condition of your own, you must contact the emergency plumbers near your area to do it for you.

After all, no one wants to see the kitchen sink uncleaned and clogged with the waste water and taking measures to deal with it is a commendable advice for the homeowners.