As you may know cats are very emotional animals, they are easily stressed, and for this reason it is very difficult to transport them in the car. According to the scientists, cats are much more sensitive to transportation compared, for example with dogs, they need more time to adapt and get used to the new environment. There are no specific articles for transportation of pets in the traffic artic, but there are so-called general rules of safe transportation, which we would like to share with you.

When planning a vacation, many pet owners decide to take their beloved animal with them on a trip. In such a case, the most comfortable and safe mode of transportation is definitely a car. Recently, car rental services have become especially popular due to the comfort and mobility they give both you and your pet. Moreover, you can make car rental as a great entertainment, for example, by taking a range rover rental dubai you will experience a fantastic driving as well as have a wonderful time. Do not worry about the price, as in most cases automobile rental companies do not differ much from cab services, but are much safer and more comfortable.

How to transport a cat

When transporting a pet, it is recommended to use a special case of carrier, before buying one, make sure that it is spacious enough for the cat to lay comfortably inside it. In case you have several pets, each one should have its own carrier, also you should place them on the back seat of the car, secured with a seat belt in case of sudden braking or maneuvering. Under no circumstance do not transport a pet in the back of the trunk. A cat in the car always should stay in a carrier, and it is preferable to place it in the legs behind the driver’s seat, because this is the safest place for transporting a small pet. When a cat walks freely around the salon or lies under the rear window, there is a huge risk of trauma.

Why carrier matters

During the trip, a cat may behave restlessly, for example, breathe heavily or meow piteously. These are signs of stress, therefore the owner should try to soothe the animal, gently pet it if there is such a possibility. The best thing you can do is to accompany your pet by a passenger whom the cat already knows, this way the pet will feel less stressed.

Inside the car with a cat

Be sure to monitor the climate in the car. The stuffiness, temperature extremes, cold and drafts can worsen the cat’s well-being. If the trip lasts more than 10 to 12 hours, you need to make stops during which you can walk and feed your cat. Do not forget to offer water to your cat during the whole trip as well.

Additional tips

Take into consideration to bring a portable litter box, as cats are very picky in this matter and unlike dogs don’t use to go to the toilet outside. For safety purposes you can take several diapers for pets and put them in the cabin of the vehicle. Whenever you leave the car for a long time, better take the cat carrier with you and never leave it unattended, especially when it is hot or cold outside. After the trip is over, try to let the cat stay quiet, as it needs time to calm down. We wish you a pleasant trip!