You may not spend as much time in the bathroom compared to the other parts of your home, but it plays an undeniably crucial role in keeping your sanity. For instance, taking a long bath or just a quick shower is likely to lift your mood. Thus, making your bathroom truly comfortable should be one of your plans.

If you want to remodel your bathroom into something that’ll suit your taste, you’d need some bathroom decorating ideas. That being said, here are some tips to change your bathroom into something you’ll love:

New Window Treatment

If your bathroom window is bare, try adding a window treatment to enhance this space. For one, consider adding bathroom blinds that’ll allow you to add or reduce the light that enters your bathroom space. Blinds also provide you privacy, add an element of elegance, and a pop of color or pattern.

Moreover, waterproof blinds are a great addition to your bathroom since these can withstand stain, water, and moisture.

Fresh Paint

Give your bathroom a new look by painting the walls. If you have a small space, consider using a light color to give an illusion of more space. Use a bright or dark color to add a bit of drama to your bathroom. You may also change the paint of your old cabinet.

Use Unique Lighting Fixtures

Transform your bathroom into an elegant or relaxing space by changing old lighting fixtures, which is a project that you can easily do. However, if you’re planning to do a major change in the placement of fixtures, you may need to contact a professional to do it.

When it comes to powder room lighting, consider using LED lights since they’re energy-efficient and won’t add extra heat into your space.

Upgrade Your Faucet and Hardware

Change your bathroom’s look by replacing the faucet, towel bards, drawer pulls, or toilet paper holder. Doing this will make your bathroom look just like new. Plus, it’s an easy upgrade that you can do in minutes.

To change old hardware into new ones, just unscrew the old one and replace it with a new one. However, to make the changes simpler, it’s best to find new hardware with similar size screws as your old ones.

Do A Tile Refresh

If you’re renting a space and you find that the bathroom tiles are boring, consider covering them with removable tiles. They can easily be cut and installed, and they can be removed without destroying the surface underneath it.

Add Storage To Your Space

To instantly give your bathroom a new look, try to organize and declutter it. For a small bathroom space, consider improving storage–add pull-out drawers into a cabinet, which is a perfect weekend DIY project. You can find standard size pull-out drawers in your local home improvement stores. Also, to maximize storage, add wall-mounted baskets or floating wall shelves.

You can also add more storage and minimize clutter in your bathroom by adding baskets. You can find plastic, wicker, or rattan baskets of any size. Aside from its ability to hold anything–from plants to your bath essentials – baskets also add a feeling of class into your bathroom space.

New Flooring

Today, you can find many modern and simple flooring to install in your bathroom. As a tip, consider using vinyl floor planks, which can be purchased in most home improvement stores. They come in various patterns and wood species and look like the real thing.

To install it, you must simply score the planks with a blade, peel them, and then stick it. What’s good about vinyl floor planks is that they’re waterproof and usually come with warranties.

You may also add a sense of comfort to your bathroom by adding a floor rug. Find something that provides custom sizes and has a rubber backing that provides padding to your bathroom floor.

Replace your mirror

If you have an old mirror in your bathroom, consider replacing it with something that’s more modern and with more high quality. Mirrors can be used as a focal point or to complement an existing focal point – which could be a striking vanity or a backsplash. Go for something that works for your space, style, and budget.

Add Wall Art

If you’re into making art, try using treated canvas, which is affordable and water-resistant. If you want the best visual impact, try going for oversized proportions.

For a different look, have a favorite picture of yours printed into customized wall art. When thinking about bathroom decorating ideas, consider creating a wall gallery of your favorite objects, such as baskets or starfish.

Add A Wallpaper Accent

Another way to freshen up your bathroom space is to add a wallpaper accent or new backsplash. You can look for inspiration online if you’re already running out of ideas. There’s virtually something for any type of budget you have – from small vanity backsplashes to larger floor-to-ceiling tile accents.

Update Your Rugs and Towels

After remaking your floors, hardware, and walls, it’s time to do some additional touches. If you have mismatched towels, it may be time to toss them away for new ones that match perfectly with your new bathroom look.

For a modern look, consider adding an accent pattern or color. When choosing towels, choose new shades and textures. To choose a new rug, look for unique and comfortable materials. For the shower curtain, select a printed or patterned shower one that matches with your mats and towels.

Add Accessories and Accents

For your final touches in your bathroom, add accent pieces and personalized accessories to finish your bathroom design. You can try adding houseplants, wastebasket, candle, and room diffuser to add a fresh scent to your bathroom space.

Final Thoughts

Of all parts of your home, your bathroom, regardless of the size, can take advantage of the simplest décor upgrades. Whether you add more storage solutions or change the drawer handles, a bathroom upgrade doesn’t have to take a long time. Whatever budget you have in mind, you can try the given ideas and transform your bathroom into something you’ll love walking into.