Should I get in the hot tub? Hot tub!

Gonna make me sweat? Yeah!

Hot tub!

Eddie Murphy’s classic portrayal of James Brown on SNL singing about getting in a hot tub is sure to pump you up for you next hot tub party.

Never hosted a hot tub party before? Then, this guide will help make your next hot tub party a success.

Hot tub parties are an art form. You have to have enough activities to keep everyone interested. You also need to set the mood so it isn’t too formal or informal.

The best part about hot tub parties is you can have them at any time during the year. For each season, however, you’ll need to be prepared to entertain your guests.

Hot tub parties can be low-key or they can be full of excitement. The choice is yours. But, oh yeah, don’t forget about the next-door neighbors.

So, what’s the best strategy for throwing a hot tub party? Read on to discover how to make your hot tub party one to remember.

Tips for Throwing a Hot Tub Party

Have a birthday coming up? Want to get together with your friends for a backyard barbeque?

Hot tubs add an element of excitement to every party. They’re relaxing and provide a space for meaningful conversations. And, with the right tips and ideas, your hot tub party can be the envy of all your friends and family.

So, don’t be surprised after following these tips if they bug you about having another one!

1. Clean Your Hot Tub

First and foremost, you’ll need to clean your hot tub. No party-goer wants to relax in a dirty hot tub.

If you haven’t flushed the lines in a while, now is the time to do so. After that, you’ll drain your hot tub and use a hot tub cleaner on the sides.

Then, use a towel or washcloth to clean the sides of your hot tub. This will prevent any excess cleaner from foaming later on. Scrub the lights as well so they fully illuminate the water.

Clean the filters out with a hose and/or replace them if you haven’t in more than a year.

Refill the hot tub, add in the proper chemicals, and cover it. Allow it to sit for 12 hours before using the hot tub.

Next, clean up the area around your hot tub. Sweep away debris like leaves, grass, and dead bugs. Remove any remaining debris from the water using a pool net right before your party starts.

If you don’t have a hot tub yet, then learn more about how to shop for a hot tub.

2. What’s the Occasion?

You don’t need an occasion to have a hot tub party. But, if you do, then it will help you to plan.

Are you hosting a family reunion? Or maybe a high school reunion party?

Or, is the occasion a simple family get-together?

Use the occasion to create a theme. This will help you to purchase decorations, plan out the menu, and to decide who to invite.

3. Invest in Decorations

Decorations create a hot tub party’s ambiance. The decoration theme lets people know how to dress and what party favors to bring.

Consult your budget before going to a party decoration store. Decorations can add up quickly, so it’s best to plan ahead.

You can also create a plan for how you want the decorations to look. Draw out a rough sketch of where you would like decorations to go, so you don’t purchase too many.

4. Have Plenty of Entertainment

Before your hot tub party, check out how many people can fit in your hot tub at once. More than likely, it will be less than the number of people you intend on inviting.

If that’s the case, then plan to have plenty of entertainment for your guests.

Have a dance floor space, a space for food, and somewhere for people to play games. For example, cornhole, Twister, or a bouncy house if the party is for a kid’s birthday.

5. Create a Guest List

Invite people well in advance so you can purchase the right amount of food and drinks.

Begin your guest list with your non-negotiable friends and family. Account for any guests they would like to bring as well such as a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Then, send out invitations online or in the mail. Require everyone to RSVP so you’re certain they’ll show.

6. Plan Out Your Menu

Hot tub parties reach their pique during the summer in the evening hours. So, you’ll need to have a dinner entree and/or snacks to leave out in case people get hungry.

Otherwise, people may decide to leave the party to grab a bite to eat.

You should also decide whether or not you want to serve alcohol.

Remind guests that it’s best to drink alcohol after they’ve been in the hot tub and not during or before. A hot tub’s temperature can speed up the intoxicating effects of alcohol.

Make sure to also serve non-alcoholic beverages and water. And, don’t forget the cake if the hot tub party is in honor of someone’s birthday!

7. Have Extra Swim Gear on Hand

Some people may come to your hot tub party not intending to take a dip. But, once they feel more comfortable, they may change their minds.

Have extra swimsuits and towels on hand. Designate a space where people can change before and after they use the hot tub. This will help to keep your home cleaner.

8. Create a Playlist

What’s a party without some tunes? Create a playlist of your favorite music that’s appropriate for the occasion. If the party has young children, opt for radio edit pop music with no cuss words.

If only adults are coming, then you’re free to jam to whatever you choose.

9. Explain the Hot Tub Rules

Display and/or discuss the hot tub rules. For starters, no glass containers near the hot tub. No guests should be drinking alcohol in the hot tub either.

Food should also be kept away from the hot tub.

All electrical devices, including cell phones, should be nowhere near the hot tub. Guests should also not run near the hot tub to prevent slips and falls.

If there are many guests who want to use the hot tub, create a shift change schedule. Rotate on a half an hour basis, for example.

Before Your Next Hot Tub Party

Before your next hot tub party make sure to check your hot tub’s chemicals. You should also make sure you heat up your hot tub before the party begins.

If you notice any issues with your hot tub, get it checked out by a professional before your party. That way you’ll know your hot tub is in tip-top condition for party time.

Interested in a themed hot tub party? Keep browsing our blog to learn more about how to throw the best theme parties.