More than 6 in 10 people wear glasses, but many people that need them don’t even know. Parents might not be aware that their children need help seeing. Learning the signs of needing glasses can help more people enjoy the full gift of sight.

We are here to help you learn how to keep an eye on whether or not your children need eyeglasses. Continue reading this article to learn about the top signs.


If your child is trying to read and you notice they are squinting, this could be a sign they need glasses. If they continue to squint, you should take them in for an eye exam to see if they need some extra help seeing.

Sitting Close to the Television

Kids like to get up close and personal with things, so don’t automatically think they have sight problems if they get close to the television. If you notice your child is sitting close to the television, ask them to scoot back. Ask them if they can still see just as well when they are farther away.

Tilting Head

When children tilt their head while reading, they may be trying to get a better vantage point of what they are reading. If they need to turn their head to read, glasses may be able to help.

Covering One of Their Eyes

When one eye works better than another, covering one eye might help children see better. If they cover one eye while they are reading, it’s time for an eye exam.

Excessive Eye Rubbing

When eyes are feeling overworked, they are often bloodshot from rubbing them. If your kids are constantly rubbing their eyes, they can hurt their eyes on accident. If they don’t need glasses, you should still get them checked to see why their eyes are irritated.


Headaches are a sign that eyes are working too hard to see. If your child has headaches or eye pain, they may need glasses. If glasses aren’t the fix for the problem, you’ll need to move on to other possibilities to get them relief.

Difficulty Focusing on School Work

If kids can’t read the teacher’s board, they might not focus on their school work. Not being able to see is frustrating and might cause their grades to slip.

If your child sits in the back of the classroom, you might be able to remedy this problem by moving them to the front of the room. If the front of the room doesn’t help, proceed to the eye doctor.

Looking for the Signs of Needing Glasses

Now you know more about the signs of needing kids glasses. You can keep a lookout for whether your child sees well or if they need some extra help.

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