Between the bedding, towels, and tablecloths, it’s hard to know where to put your linens. And don’t even get me started on how challenging it is to organize them all.

Is it even possible to store your linens in an organized way?

Besides finding enough storage space, it’s essential to keep them fresh, too. After all, there’s nothing better than going to bed and laying your head on a soft and clean pillowcase!

So, how do you go about effectively storing your linens? And are there ways to keep them fresh?

If you’re looking for ways to store linens and keep them in great shape, check out these solutions:

1. Get a Freestanding Wardrobe

It’s common to be tight on space in an apartment. But before you get frustrated, consider adding a freestanding wardrobe or armoire.

Use it to store extra linens such as bedsheets, towels, and blankets.

A freestanding wardrobe can go anywhere you have space. You might think that it would look best in the bedroom, but that’s not always the case.

It may fit in well in the living room, especially if it’s a “hidden” wardrobe with a door or curtain. This is ideal if you’d like to store your linens somewhere other than your bedroom or bathroom.

So, if you don’t already have one, buy a wardrobe that has a door or curtains. If you have one without curtains, you can always install a curtain rod. It’s fun finding colorful curtains to disguise your linens!

Use this strategy, and no one will know that your linens are hiding right there in your living room.

2. Store Extra Bedding Under the Mattress

The last place you might think of storing extra sheets is under the mattress. But, this may be the perfect spot for them.

Storing extra sheets under a mattress frees up your closet space. Plus, it makes it easy to swap out your bedding when you’re ready.

When it’s time to change your sheets, it’ll be a cinch to grab them from underneath the mattress. You can have clean, fresh bedding without even leaving your room!

This convenient storage hack keeps your bed linens right where you need them at all times.

3. Use Shelf Liners in Your Closet

To keep your linens fresh and ready to use, put some shelf liners in your closet.

Unfortunately, some wood and plastic shelving can discolor your linens. And it can also cause them to smell like the shelves.

If you want nice-smelling linens, letting odors infiltrate them isn’t ideal!

Using shelf liners in your closet is an easy way to prevent any discoloration or smell. So, if you’re dealing with this or think it might be an issue in the future, this hack can help.

4. Keep Similar Items Together

If your linens are scattered around your shelves, it’s time to organize them.

It’s easier to organize everything when you have a storage system in place. Your sheets should be together, as should your tablecloths and towels. It’ll be a lot easier to locate everything when similar items are together.

After sorting everything, use totes, containers, and baskets to keep the same type of linens together.

To take it one step further, stick a label on the front of each storage container. On the label, write down what the bin contains. Do this, and you’ll know exactly where to find something when you need it!

5. Use Large Baskets for Oversized Linens

Sometimes, it’s hard to find a spot to store oversized linens like fluffy towels and large blankets. You can put them in a closet, but they quickly gobble up all the space.

Before placing these oversized linens in your closet, think of another way to store them.

Why not store your towels in a basket, for example? If you have room in your bathroom, this can be the perfect place for them. Not only will it get them out of your closet, but your guests will know exactly where to find the towels.

Similarly, you might keep a basket of extra blankets in the living room. If it doesn’t take up too much space, it’s an excellent way for anyone to get a blanket when they want one.

6. Hang Shelves

If you’re having a hard time keeping linens sorted, hang some shelves on your wall. They’ll give you some extra space for your towels and bedding.

Plus, shelf brackets are very easy to mount. If you have a power drill and some screws, it only takes five minutes!

You have to admit that adding shelves will make everything look tidy and organized. And that’s what you ultimately want to achieve in an apartment.

So, use shelf brackets to your advantage and organize linens to your heart’s content.

7. Use Vacuum Bags

If you don’t plan on using certain linens for a while, store them in vacuum-sealed bags.

These types of bags are excellent for keeping your linens fresh. And if you store the bags in your basement or garage, they’ll keep the critters out too.

Vacuum-sealed bags are easy to store in your apartment as well. Put them underneath your bed, in a closet, or wherever else they’ll fit.

Just don’t forget where you put your bags. If you think you’ll forget where they are, jot down their locations. Otherwise, you won’t be able to find your linens when you need them!

In Conclusion

We all have the intention of keeping linens organized, but sometimes life gets in the way. Before you know it, blankets are falling off shelves, and sheets are getting wrinkled.

That’s why you must take care to keep your linens organized and in excellent shape.

Put a little effort into it by applying these creative solutions. In no time at all, your blankets, sheets, and towels will be fresh and tidy – all the time.
About the author

Dominique Daniels is a marketing account manager who works with Skyhouse to optimize their Salt Lake City apartments. She holds a Business Communication degree and a minor in real estate from Arizona State University.