Spring season is almost here! Soon we’ll bid farewell to the bulky winter clothes and say hello to the light spring outfits. But let’s take a moment to realize that spring can be a tricky season to nail on the fashion front. One could wake up every day thinking what to wear, and it can be a time-consuming process. You may spend multiple hours thinking how to team up a pair of denim with a particular top or match the accessories with a dress just to make sure you don’t look like a fashion disaster. The trick to stay fashionable this spring is by preparing the outfits well in advance, so you don’t waste much time.

It is always a smart decision to start shopping for clothes a month prior to spring. Nowadays, online shopping is the new fashion trend that everyone seems to follow. But the problem crops up when you buy from cheap online sites which have questionable quality. Some clothes look great on screen but disappoint once they arrive. The trick is to read a lot of reviews before buying clothes online. Since most women are smart shoppers, they are sensible enough to understand the fashion trends and devise a style that is comfortable and makes them feel confident.

For women who aren’t sure about the spring trends, here is a style guide that will help you get the best look for the season.

Need For Accessories

Accessories are a big trend on the 2018 fashion front. They are here to stay, and it is almost impossible to overlook it. These accessories can be easily incorporated into your style sense and help enhance your look.

Oversized/Chunky Jewelry

Bold, eye-catching jewelry is something every woman should try this spring. You can pick from a number of items such as an oversized silver necklace or a stunning pair of earrings with stone-studded detail; big jewelry can be worn with street style fashion or black tie events. They have the same effect, and anyone can carry them with grace.


Tassels or fringes can be found on footwear, bags, clothes, and even jewelry. It is an admired fashion trend that is quirky and fun. It will do wonders for your spring wardrobe, and you will love the boho look.

Oversized Bags

Just like oversized jewelry, oversized bags are also in vogue this spring season. These bags are great to keep all your stuff in one place, and you don’t need to carry any extra small bag that might seem like trouble to carry. Simply put all your essentials in the bag and let your bag speak for your fashion sense.


Sunglasses are the real game changer for any fashionista. They play a huge role in building the look and help define your face. Just like jewelry and bags, you can choose oversized sunglasses to set a fierce fashion sense. To take it up a notch, try mirrored sunglasses to give a sense of mysteriousness. Even better if you can get your hands on a polarized one as it helps protect your eyes from the harmful UV rays.

Empower Your Fashion With Colors

The color palette for the 2018 spring-summer collection is both bright and bold with soft pastels. Let’s take a look at the two biggest color trends seen on the runways and now the streets as well.

Bold Colors

Bold colors are inspired by the colors used by a painter to color a bright, beautiful painting that is exhilarating to look at. You can take some inspiration from the deep shades of blue or bright pop of red to accentuate the attire. The expression, “go big or go home” is quite relatable when it comes to fashion this season.

Pastel Colors

Pastels for spring? Groundbreaking. But just like you require some bold pieces in your wardrobe, you need to balance it out with some soft pastels. A pastel outfit can be versatile and delightful. You can incorporate light colors like lavender or soft shades of blue, pink or yellow in your wardrobe to create a nice harmony.

Swim In The Pretty Patterns World

Spring is not just about accessories and colors; you can also add some interesting patterns and designs to give a nice refreshing feel to your attire. Let’s take a look at the patterns that you can choose from:


Checks are really in nowadays. From Zara to Burberry, all the fashion moguls vouch for checkered pattern. Though you may feel that checks are not a summer element, they can be worn all year round without much hassle. You can team checkered dresses with a nice summer scarf or plaid pencil A-line skirts with a light colored blouse. All the outfits are great for spring and checks come in an array of colors to add some variety to your spring wardrobe.


Floral is a pattern that will never leave the fashion scene. From long, floral dresses to beautiful floral print tops, there are plenty of choices available to suit your style and taste. You can choose your florals with soft pastels or bright colors. The best part of the floral pattern is that it is easy to blend with other clothing items that you wear.

Mix and Match

You must not be afraid to mix and match your patterns just like your colors. It is a hot runway trend, and you can see top models and actresses mixing up their choice of patterns to make a statement. Though it is a bold move, you can try it too as it looks great for any event.

Sequins and Sparkle

Sparkle and shine can add a touch of brightness to any evening outfit. In 2018, you can perfectly transition from a summer day to a summer night by wearing a sparkly outfit. You can easily do this by throwing on a sequinned jacket with your summer dress for the night to enhance your look.

Trends To Look Out for in 2018

Go Daring with Ruffles

Ruffles are a dramatic addition to the outfit to change your whole look from drab to fab in an instance. It is an ongoing trend and exudes elegance. You can team up a bright ruffled dress with a pair of stone-embellished sandals for a bold spring look.

Laces For a Feminine Touch

Laces are a great addition to the wardrobe if you feel like adding a touch of femininity. You can try various styles like long sleeves top with lace detail on the sleeves or a dress with a lace belt. Both the looks are sure to make you look beautiful. For a chic look, try a sleeveless crop top that is perfect for the warm spring days. Team it up with a light colored ripped jeans and you are good to go. You can pair either of the outfits with black ankle boots or brown gladiators.

Puffed Sleeves

Puffed sleeves is a feminine fashion trend that has gone through numerable transformations. The sleeves can either be full length, three-quarter or short but they still have the same effect. The puff works by adding cloth on either the top or bottom of the sleeves. Earlier, designers used stiff fabric to create the puff like structure, but now many alternatives do the job well. You can try a sleek puff sleeved jacket with an Aztec printed dress to create a head-turning look.

Try Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics are a great addition to the spring fashion collection. You can wear sheer clothes like dresses, skirts or blouses to create a casual or formal look. You can also wear sheer cover-ups with spaghetti tops to add a touch of sultriness and give a flirty vibe.

5 Must-Haves to Stay on Trend This Spring 2018

Floral Playsuit

A playsuit is a great option for someone who is too lazy to decide how to coordinate tops and lowers together. It is a great solution for days when your laundry is not done, and you need a quick fashion solution. A floral playsuit is the epitome of comfort and style. You can try multiple variations of a playsuit if you don’t wish to wear a floral one. A playsuit can be teamed up with lace-up sandals and brown aviators for a fun and flirty spring fashion look.

Sheer Dresses

Your spring is incomplete without a perfect sheer dress. You can go for a bright colored high-low dress where the bottom part of the dress is sheer. It is excellent for a warm spring day. Team it up with beaded sandals and a sling bag for ultimate style. For a night look, you can team it up with a blazer in a pastel color for a bold yet feminine look.

Flared Pants

You can get a vintage yet modern look with a flared bottom. Select a neutral color like black, navy or brown so that you can combine it with any top. To add a touch of spark to your outfit, wear a broad belt, and it will accentuate your waist perfectly. You can also go for a high-waist pant with a fitted top with lace detail or a cover-up that goes along with the style of the top.

Off-Shoulder or Cold Shoulder Tops

When the air is cool, and the sun is warm, an off-shoulder top with a ripped pair of denim shorts is just what you need. It is the perfect blend of summer and spring vibes. The shoulders add a touch of mystic to the look and showcase a woman’s fun and flirty side. The same goes for cold shoulders tops. It is a great way to keep it relaxed without giving up on the fashion quotient. There are many ways you can blend this trend into your wardrobe seamlessly. Be it pastels, bold colors or printed, these type of shoulder design look great on anyone. You can play with the accessories, but it entirely depends upon your style.

Style tip: Wear a choker with your off-shoulder crop top and pair it with high waist pants to show off your curves. If you are not a pants person, you can easily wear it with a skirt and a pair of white sneakers. You can incorporate the top any which way you like. A Lace off shoulder top is a must-have wardrobe essential for the spring season.


Accessorize the right way, to give a complete look to your spring attire. A gold-toned body chain is the simplest accessory you can wear to provide instant bling to your outfits. Additionally, chokers or layered necklaces are great for spring. They highlight the neck of your dress or top to give it a more alluring look. Just make sure that you don’t overdo the accessories because you wouldn’t want to wear a chunky piece of jewelry on a warm day and be uncomfortable. The trick is to keep it subtle and sassy without being too loud.

Wearing something is a way of showcasing your style without having to speak about it. Try to find the best affordable fashion without burning a hole in your pocket, and make sure that you try to revamp your clothes first and then move on to looking out for other options. Staying fashionable doesn’t mean that you become fashion zombie and follow whatever is on the runway. Experiment with style but try on clothing items that fit you well and accentuate your features. If an oversized top makes you look bulky and unkempt, try to wear something that is more fitted for a classy look. You just need to find the right fashion styles and work them according to you. Simply read the points mentioned above to grab all the information regarding spring fashion and you are set for the season!