The worldwide pandemic has brought life into focus for many people. It’s decimated the hospitality industry and cost thousands of people their jobs and their livelihoods. However, for others, it has helped them to realize that they want something more from life. In fact, an increasing number of people are looking at creating their own businesses to create freedom and flexibility in life.

In fact, as surprising as it may seem, the global pandemic is a good time to start a food business. But, you must be properly prepared if you want to start making money selling baked goods from home.

Verify The Quality Of your Goods

The first step is to consider what it is you want to bake. If you’re planning on baking goods at home then you probably have a passion for cooking and some specialty dishes. These are a great place to start.

Before you do anything else you need to make some of your specialties and invite your closest family and friends around. You need to be clear to them that you want completely honest opinions about the food. If you can’t trust your friends then mix a few strangers or colleagues in.

You need honest opinions to confirm you’re making high-quality food. If it doesn’t taste good it’s not going to sell!

Know The Regulations

The next step is to check the legal requirements in your area. You may need to have professional certification, food hygiene certificates, and an inspection of your premises.

It’s best to check with your local state office and find out what the local regulations are to ensure you’re complying with them before you start baking.

Your Business Plan

If you’re baking goods to sell then your aim is to make a profit. That means you need a business plan. You’ll want to list all the costs involved in producing each baked good. That’s the ingredients, cooking time, your time, and an allowance for the equipment you’ll need.

You can then work out the minimum price your baked goods need to sell for to break even, and a little more to start making a profit. The plan is essential to ensure you have the finances to start a baked goods business.

Get Your Supplies Organized

At this stage, you’ll want to start looking at the best hospitality supplies. Is all the equipment that you haven’t already got but need to make the baked goods or package them.

It’s important to take your time considering all the options and prepare everything before you start. A good supplies company will give you inspiration as well as quality products.

Don’t Forget Insurance

Don’t forget that you need insurance to start any business. This covers you in case there is an issue as a direct result of eating or even handling, your baked goods. Insurance doesn’t need to cost a fortune but it will save you a fortune if someone wants to claim against you.