When people design their home, they normally think about what type of floorings, what color of paint, or what types of furniture they will choose. Yet, oftentimes forget about the importance of lighting. Keep in mind that lighting has the potential to transform a space as well. Choosing the right lighting is essential if you want to bring the best in your home. Let us talk about a particular light source that you can use for your dwelling place.

Lamps. Are you one of those people that think it is an old way of lighting a house which is by burning oil or kerosene? You are definitely right. However, in our modern day lamps are also modified for a more current look and incorporated it with electronic components (including dc ammeter shunts) instead of using fire as the main source of light. Lamps come in various sizes, shapes, colors, and textures that can enhance the beauty of your space. Aside from that, lamps serve as a helpful instrument when you are doing activities that you love such as reading, writing or working on hobbies. So, here are tips on how lamps can spruce up your home.

Go Express Your Style!

Make sure to pick a lamp that will emphasize your current decorating theme. For example, fantasy works for young girls so why not choose a princess lamp. Boys’ interest in sports will give you a hint to buy a football or basketball lamps. Delicate glass lamps fit a feminine room, whereas dark wood lamps with rugged style transmit a masculine feel. Shiny silver lamps fit a modern home, while bronze or gold lamps complement a conventional one. Show your creativity by remodeling stylish containers such as pots, vase or pitcher into a unique lighting piece.

Work With Shades

Lampshades are commonly used in many households. Be careful, though because it has the power to make or break the appeal of the lamp. Old, ripped or injured lampshades can remove the artistic charm of a fabulous lamp base. Here is what you can do, replacing the damaged lampshade to a new one will bring back the lamp’s beauty. The replacement should be three-fourths of the height of the base and has a wider space at the bottom of the shade. Consider this, if you want a brighter light, choose a light colored shade. While dark color shades will have a more tamed light. When you have a dark color base, it would be great if you choose a light shade to make it more striking.

Twist And Turn The Angle

Lamps with bendable gooseneck base or swivel-arm feature are also available in the market. These features allow you to change the light’s direction to make it fit for a specific task. Pick an appropriate desk lamp that is flexible enough to change the path of light.

Location Does Matter

The perfect place for lamps are the places where you mostly use it like your bedside, sofa, or end tables. Lamps with solid and large bases must not block or obstruct conversation. A thin or transparent base is suitable for tables that are between chairs to maintain a warm connection between two or a group of family and friends. Lamp floor must be placed on dark corners while a fashionable buffet lamp can highlight a sideboard. Also, putting a sofa between a pair of identical lamps will create a symmetrical balance in the living room.

There are various ways of using lamps to enhance the beauty of your home. You can experiment and let out the designer in you. You might be amazed by how good your ideas would be. Go and try it now!