Weed can be used recreationally or for medical purposes. Smoking is the most common method of marijuana use for both purposes. Smoking weed, however, can be a bit daunting and confusing if you have no idea what to do. Fortunately, weed dispensaries have people that can help you with your first time.

1. Ask budtender for recommendations

A budtender is like a barista in a weed dispensary. If a barista extensively studies coffee and tea, a budtender focuses on weed. In fact, budtenders are required to undergo training in order to be certified. This means that they are your go-to people should you want to try smoking weed.

Budtenders extensively study Cannabis. This means that they can give you recommendations regarding Cannabis strains, how to use them, and more. They will make sure that your weed dispensary visit goes well, so don’t hesitate to ask for recommendations.

Budtenders are well-versed in both recreational and medical marijuana alike. Whatever your purpose for the dispensary visit may be, a budtender can surely help you. Here are some essential topics that you can ask about:

  • Strain: Marijuana has many strains, and these strains have different qualities. You may ask the budtender about these.
  • Product types: Marijuana can also be taken in many different ways aside from smoking. Budtenders are well-versed about what these are, so make sure to ask them about alternatives.
  • Medical properties and use: Cannabis has many medical or medicinal properties. If this is what you are going to the weed dispensary for, then ask away.

2. Know how much you want

You also need to be aware of how much of the product you want. Again, if you have no idea, you may ask the budtender in the weed dispensary. However, it always helps to have a rough estimate even before your visit.

One important thing to note is what you will be using marijuana for. For example, if you will be using it for recreational purposes, then it helps to have a trial dose. Buy just enough for you to try out the strain and see if you enjoy it. If you develop a particular liking, then buy more. It also helps to purchase small amounts of different strains if you are a first-timer. You get to try out multiple types this way.

If you are there to get weed for medical purposes, then it helps to do research first. You need to check the recommended dose for the particular condition that you want to use marijuana for. For example, some sources say that smoking marijuana thrice every day helps with some types of nerve pain. Other conditions may require a smaller intake daily.

3. Choose the consumption method

Marijuana is consumed in different ways. Some of the most commonly-used methods include the following:

  • Smoked
  • Inhaled through vaporization
  • Added to food and drink
  • Oral and sublingual
  • Topical

The most common methods for recreational marijuana use are smoking or adding the substance to food and drink. Medical marijuana, on the other hand, is usually taken in through other methods. These include inhalation after vaporization, through the oral or sublingual route, or topical use. Marijuana can also be smoked for medical use. This is the most notable way of taking it in order to increase appetite.

After you take your first dose, let the effects kick in. The time it takes for effects to be felt varies from person to person, dosage, or consumption method.

4. Breathe

As mentioned earlier, the most common way of using marijuana is through smoking. If this is the method that you chose, ask for help from your budtender on how to roll a joint. Most importantly, make sure that you breathe deeply. Making small breaths is a mistake that many people make. Breathing the smoke in deeply after a puff ensures that you let more of the good stuff into your lungs.

5. Relax and Enjoy

Finally and more importantly, make sure that you relax and enjoy. Marijuana is best used in an environment that you feel comfortable in.

Smoking weed can be quite the experience. Make sure that your first time is a pleasant one. This makes it more likely for you to try again. Follow the tips we gave above and don’t forget to ask a budtender in your local weed dispensary for recommendations!