If you’re having trouble sleeping, the answer might just lie in the time you spend scrolling through your phone or browsing on your laptop before you go to bed. In a report released by Harvard Health Publishing, blue light throws off your body’s natural sleep cycles, causing a level of alertness even the best mattress cannot help.

Cultivating good sleep hygiene habits is an important step to learning how to sleep better quickly and peacefully. Reading is a great replacement for your phone feed, allowing your mind to stay engaged for as long as it needs before drifting off to sleep.

Getting the basics right

Before getting into the why and what behind reading before bed-time, it’s important to get a few basics right. Learning how to go to sleep starts with the best mattress for your sleeping position.

There’s a lot to choose from out there right now, but the most comfortable mattress for those with trouble sleeping is going to be one that is able to provide an adequate amount of support, while still staying supple enough to prime your body for a good night’s rest.

That’s why most experts will recommend memory foam mattresses as one of the best mattresses you can buy for your buck. Memory foam mattresses a true investment, resulting in better quality sleep, high levels of productivity, improved and balanced wellbeing.

They are also the best mattress for anyone looking for mattress financing options, as you’ll find a wide variety of options available to you for this.

Another basic tip for those who have trouble sleeping and are looking to sleep better is investing in the right bed frame. Probably the most underrated piece of bedroom furniture in the home, an adjustable bed frame allows you to set positions that are customized to your comfort. This means you can prop even the most comfortable mattresses up so that you’re in a better position to finish reading that new book you’ve gotten on how to sleep better.

So you’ve got the most comfortable mattress for yourself – now what?

It can be tough getting back to the habit of reading, especially since these days our attention spans have been wired to digest smaller, more succinct bits of information. A compelling read will genuinely help with those who have trouble sleeping, however, so here are some of the best books for every type of sleeper:

Classics: When it comes to knowing how to go to sleep, and quick, nothing gets the job done faster than some classic reads – try Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, or The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald, to tick them off your reading bucket list as well. Classic literature makes our brain work overtime as it simultaneously tries to figure out how to sleep better, leaving you with something that’s both rewarding and functional at the same time.

Sleep Literature: Sometimes, even the best mattress can’t beat what a sleep expert can. There are plenty of books out there written by scientists who understand that having trouble sleeping is a more complicated problem than just drinking chamomile tea every night. Why We Sleep, by Matthew Walker, is a great place to start: you’ll have yourself researching adjustable bed frames and understanding the need for the most comfortable mattress possible pretty quickly after that.

Biographies: A great way to learn about the lives of people you admire, biographies can be informative, loaded with information, and the perfect source of intellectual engagement as you’re trying to get yourself to sleep. Get cozy using an adjustable bed frame, cuddle up on the best mattress you can, and get stuck into work written about those you really want to model your own life after.

Having trouble sleeping is an increasingly common problem with American adults, and the best way to combat this really starts with kicking our addiction to our phones. The most comfortable mattress you can buy is one part of the equation – start making a reading list, and you’ll find the solutions to how to sleep better quicker than you think.