From designer headphones to bespoke smartwatch designs, US-based providers have some of the coolest gadgets on the planet. This makes the country a force to be reckoned with for tech aficionados.

But these products are mostly available to those who live in the US. A good portion of suppliers doesn’t ship to international addresses at all. If you live in another country, this can leave you with a feeling of utter disappointment.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

With specialized shopping services, you can buy your gadgets from the US and send them to your international address. Some of these solutions even offer same-day shipping, which prevents unnecessary delays in the delivery process.

To help you learn more about these solutions, here’s how you can shop for US-only gadgets from an international location.

Enjoy Same Day Shipping With Ship7

If you are looking for gadgets that come with a promise of fast shipping or same day shipping, then it doesn’t get any better than Ship7.

As a premium purchase and shipping service, the platform allows you to get your products from any US and UK vendor and send it straight to one of its warehouses. Once Ship7 receives the product, it can ship it to your international address the same day.

Ship7 comes with a tax-free address in Delaware that allows you to save on your shopping. It also delivers its shipping through reliable providers but at competitive rates. To help you shop multiple gadgets without additional shipping costs, the platform also offers repackaging services to reduce your packages’ weight and volume. It also has a concierge service that can do your shopping for you.

With affordable service charges and exceptional customer service, the solution is your one-stop-shop for all the gadgets and devices you may want from the US.

Go for Brand Recognition With MyUS

MyUs is one of the oldest US shopping and shipping services for international buyers.

The company works the same way as other platforms in its category. As such, it allows you to get your US gadgets with a local warehouse address. It also entertains same day shipping at extra charges. The company’s warehouse is based in Florida, which also boasts of being a tax-free sales address.

Once you buy a product from a vendor, you can send it to MyUs’ designated location. From there, the service takes it upon itself to ship your product to your international location. MyUS can also store your packages for a short period and offers repackaging services to ship multiple products at once.

The company has a recognized brand name. But its overall services come at expensive rates as compared to other providers. If you want to save on service charges, you can look for alternatives.

Get Your US Gadgets Through Vyking Ship

With a name as bold as brass, Vyking Ship holds up to the expectations that it sets with its branding.

The famous shopping and shipping service allows you to send your purchased US gadgets to its warehouse address in Minnesota. From there, you can have your products shipped to your international address.

Vyking Ship’s warehouse address has a no sales tax benefit for clothes. The service can also store your packages for up to 180 days. Most of its services are available on a pay-as-you-go basis, making it a better fit for those who rarely shop from the US.

Instead of offering a same-day shipping service, the platform provides a same-day processing solution at extra charges. This means that the service processes your items within two hours of receipt. If the processing completes within working hours, your products can get shipped the same day. These stipulations make the service a bit confusing and may push you to look for other providers.

By keeping these services in mind, you can get your US gadgets delivered to your address in a hassle-free way. As long as you choose an affordable provider, you will get your devices without paying a fortune easily.