Do you want to save more on your daily needs and groceries? Do you want to learn a helpful handful of ways to save money at Walmart?

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Walmart remains at the top of the retail industry with Amazon. This is thanks to the various money-saving options Walmart gives its customers. In this guide, we’ll show you those money-saving Walmart tips and tricks and how to avail them.

Keep reading to learn how to save money at Walmart the next time you go shopping.

1. Get the Walmart Rewards Mastercard

If you see yourself as a regular Walmart customer, you’d want to sign up for the Capital One Walmart Rewards card. The card includes benefits like more cash-back options, great first offers, and a 1% safety net.

The best thing about the Walmart Rewards card is the 5% introductory offer. You get unlimited 5% cashback when you shop in Walmart stores or via the app for the first 12 months. Plus, it’s a zero-fee Mastercard, which means you don’t need to pay for annual fees.

2. Download the Walmart App

Open the App Store or Google Play and download the Walmart app for free. It’s a powerful money-saver, especially if you’ve got the time to browse online. It also offers the Savings Catcher feature, Walmart’s revamped price matching feature on mobile.

If you’re the type to get distracted and buy items you don’t need, the app lets you create a shopping list. It’ll help you stick to the list and avoid impulsive shopping. You’ll find more awesome features when you download the Walmart app now.

3. Timing Is the Key to Saving Money

The best way to learn how to save money at Walmart is to know when to shop. Look out for sales at Walmart as well as other shopping events. The most typical ones you’ll find coincide with holidays and typical shopping seasons.

For example, July is a great month to go to Walmart to shop. The store puts forth this mid-year sale to compete against Amazon’s Prime Day. If you’re lucky, you might find discounts up to 90% off the original price of some items.

4. Learn How to Save Money at Walmart With Coupons

Couponing is one of the best ways to find small yet powerful discounts. It may take you more time to get the best deals since you’ll have to look for and check your coupons. However, the best thing about couponing is that it doesn’t take a crazy amount of time to save money.

Walmart accepts most coupons like manufacturer coupons and dollars-off coupons. The important thing is that you present scannable coupons. You can check out Walmart’s coupon policy to get more Walmart deals today.

5. Use Walmart’s Free Shipping Offers

Here’s how to save money on groceries at Walmart, especially if you buy them often. Walmart will let you save up on gas money or shipping fees. Use the brand’s free shipping offer.

If you spend $50 or more on the Walmart site or app, you get free shipping. If you don’t need to buy groceries that total to $50, have them send your items to a local store. You won’t have to pay for the $4.97 shipping fee then.

6. Shop Early

Timing doesn’t include the holidays and shopping seasons only. By that, we also want you to go to Walmart early in the morning, especially if you’re getting groceries. You’ll find a ton of great discounts on food items like meat and produce.

Walmart does this so their older stock can make way for newer produce. It helps them save on wasted products. With a little reworking on your schedule, you also get to save money at Walmart.

7. Refurbished Electronics Will Help Save Money

Do you need to replace your broken mobile phone with a working one? Instead of buying a phone the price of brand-new, get a refurbished device at a lower cost. It’ll help your budget a lot, especially since electronics can be expensive.

You can find electronics ranging from desktop computers to wearable tech in Walmart. If you find that what you got isn’t working right, you have at least 90 days warranty. Thanks to Walmart’s reliable refurbished electronics program, you don’t need to worry.

8. Sign up for Walmart’s $4 Prescription Program

Do you need to get prescription medication at a lower price to make ends meet? Walmart is offering the $4 prescription program to make medication more affordable. For $4, you can get a 30-day supply of a generic drug.

You can also pay $10 or more for 90-day supplies. Note that drug prices will vary by location and dose. Walmart has a list of generic drugs on the website to help you know if the program covers your prescription.

9. Buy Great Value Items

Speaking of generic, you can always save more on non-medication. You’ll notice that Walmart’s label, Great Value, is a little cheaper than name-brand items. Try it and you’ll see that products from both brands have the same quality.

Private label brands are big in many big grocery stores and retailer companies. One out of every four products sold in the US is a private label or store-brand item. After all, it often has decent quality at a more affordable price.

10. Download Third-Party Apps

Do you feel that you still aren’t saving enough? Download apps like Ibotta and Drop to help move along your savings strategy. Ibotta is a free rewards app that offers a cashback program.

All you need to do is to upload your Walmarts shopping receipt to get your cashback reward. Drop is a similar app that lets you choose four more stores. With Drop, you get to save money for free and without being too active.

11. Take Advantage of Walmart’s Price Matching Feature

This won’t always be available to you, depending on the store you’re going to. However, if you can make time to research, it can pay off well. You only need to show proof of the better deal from a competitor like Amazon.

You can do this for both in-store and online purchases. If the Walmart store allows it, you can buy an identical item for that lower price. Read Walmart’s price match guarantees first before you start looking for cheaper items.

Save More When Shopping in Walmart

That’s it for our guide on how to save money at Walmart. The next time you go shopping at the local Walmart store, try out some of these tactics to get more out of your budget. You may be able to keep some cash or use the extra to buy even more.

But why stop with Walmart? For more money-saving tips, check our other guides to learn how to save while shopping at Amazon and other places. Don’t hesitate to read more of our content right here!