If you are a travel bird who likes to travel a lot or even have planned to travel around the world, then you must have encountered with the extreme inflation in the ticketing and fares of the flights. That’s because the more people started considering traveling around the world and put their plans into action, the airline companies and alliances spotted the opportunity to make some good money from the around the world travelers. It wasn’t like more travelers – better prices but more travelers – higher fares.

To get rid of the heavy-duty fares for the around the world flights, one easy tip is to change the country your flight originates from. This way you will be able to track the discounted prices of the offshore flights and you may save a lot and yet you will be able to travel nicely, even in First Class with unlimited benefits. People who knew this tactic have been saving on their journeys from almost a decade. They have been able to save in about one thousand to five thousand dollars by just changing their country’s flight origination along with the additional add on benefits during their entire travel through the world and around.

Rise & Fall in Fares

Fares kept increasing by thousands of dollars over the passing years with some airlines and alliances, that’s why it’s worth checking if there’s an opportunity to save some money by changing the country your flight originates from. For example it looks like these days is not a good deal to start your around the world travel from South Africa and Japan, prices offered to these people increased like hell, even 50% during the last two years.

If you’re from United States or from major EU countries you may found a better price for your around the world flights if you start your journey from United Kingdom, for example. Simply because of the UK’s Brexit, it’s exit from the European Union that led to the decreasing of the value of the pound, and the fares too. It’s true that US also couldn’t hold the high fares during the year of 2017 and the prices fell a bit for around the world travel but as already said, it’s worth checking.

How to Use this Technique

Using this offshore origination technique, one can save a lot. You can plan ahead of time, check the differences in the fares on changing the airlines and alliances or the country plus alliance for your world tour. You need to devise this plan of traveling very carefully and you need to also have a command on the rules & regulation of several countries’ carriers. Also, you need to plan your move towards that selected offshore destination. It is best if you conduct a proper research on your selected country’s logistics and booking process and prices.

This one little trick can save you thousands and yet you get to travel around the world in style.