Your Extensions Give You Life, So Give It Right Back!

Whether you change your hair like you change clothes, or you rock out with your signature style, you need quality, durable bundles that are in it for the long haul. Wearing sew-ins, quick weave styles, or wigs means that you have to be prepared to revive and restore your weaves and wigs at the drop of a hat.

Top 4 Tips For Reviving Your Weave (Bond In Or Sew In)

Reviving your weave while it’s still attached to your head is a daunting task depending on how long you’ve had the installation, but any well-done style can be brought back to life with these simple tips.

1. Trim The Hair or Seal The Endings

For Bond-ins, hair store used and therefore, the hair used may not last as long as the style is worn. To avoid a stiff moving hairstyle, you can trim the older endings of the hair. The trimming will you give you a more excellent bounce and will not alter the look of the style too much.

Virgin extensions should be sealed on the endings to keep the hair from becoming frizzed and tangled at the end.

2. Wash The Hair

Whether your installation is a bond-in or a sew-in, it’s good to wash your hair at least once a month when installed to cleanse the hair and your scalp. The hair follicle and scalp naturally produce oils and can trap more dirt and oils when under the hair while covered with tracks.

For bonded hair installations, avoid using boiling water, this can melt the glue more deeply into the hair and agitate the hair shaft. Separate your leave out and add minimal shampoo to the tips of your fingers to cleanse the perimeter of your hair. Lift the wefts and gently rub in between your braids and tracks to clean the hair. Rinse with cool water.

Wash your hair in even downward strokes to avoid tangling and force the dirt out of the hair to revive your weaves and wigs. Rinse with warm water.

Tip for both: Rinse hair thoroughly to rinse out any leftover shampoo residue. With installed hair, it is ok to use a hair dryer to help dry the base of your hair faster, but be sure to allow your extensions to air dry, especially non-virgin hair extensions.

curly hair

3. Try Using A Light Serum

A light oil moisturizer will add extra shine to your extensions without making them have the ‘drunk and heavy’ effect. Rub a small amount in the middle of your palm and rub it together before working it through your hair. Be sure not to overdo it, and it could cause the hair to be weighed down.

4. Get a Style with a Changeable Part

Now, this is work on the front end that will make reviving your weave easier. Getting a style with a light part will give your hair a break, and allow you to swap your part out for a whole new look.

Top 5 Tips For Reviving Your Wig

1. Brush Your Wig

It is such an easy tip that it gets overlooked when it comes to reviving your unit. Wig units can quickly become tangled on the underside or the bundles at the back of your wig. Brushing your hair out will prep your hair from becoming knotted and matted together. Brushing hair front the ends to the base also gets it ready to be washed.

2. Deep Condition Your Hair

Deep conditioning your hair will cleanse the bundles of dirt and product build-up, make it softer, give the extensions body and last but not least give your hair a much-needed smell booster!

My favorite conditioners to use to get my units back in shape are Organix Hydrating TeaTree Conditioner, Creme of nature conditioner and Proclaim Shea Butter Conditioner with Shea Butter! These three work wonders to make hair silky and soft. As usual, when dealing with extensions, use a sulfate free shampoo and conditioner.

I typically rinse the hair with warm water, and then I start from the top down to be sure that the inside of the unit that touches my scalp gets a good cleaning as well to clear up the oils, and dirt that can get trapped inside of the cap.

3. Stock Up On Key Products and Let Your Wig Soak!

Hair extensions do not need a million different products to last longer when they are quality bundles. However, getting a few on your shelf and in your fanny pack couldn’t hurt.

Be sure to purchase a heat protectant that will help with both your real hair and your extensions. When straightening your extensions, most people turn up the heat without fear of burning or crisping the hair. However, this excessive heat can thin out bundles and cut the length of their life. Spray your irons with the heat protectant and pass through hair slowly.

Getting a suitable glue or gel remover is essential to maintaining the lace and cap on your wig. Getting a remover will help clear the lace and keep you from having an excessive build up or having to scrub it out and risk tearing the thin material and ruining the unit.

A good soak for your unit will help clear the lace and restore the bundles. Fill a sink or small bowl with warm water and massage conditioner into the hair, gently brushing through in a downwards motion, and allow the hair to sit in the water. Soaking your hair will restore moisture to the bundles and soften the cuticles. Once finished, rinse with cold water and air dry your unit.

white wig

4. Allow Your Wig To Hair Dry

After soaking, washing or conditioning your wig, it’s time to do the one thing you probably haven’t done since you purchased it: leave it alone! While all hair is technically dead, virgin extensions are even more sensitive. After processing the hair and cleansing, it’s time to set the unit on a sunny windowsill or used a bundle hanger to allow the unit space and time to air dry.

Air drying causes the least amount of damage to the hair and gives the extensions time to revert to its natural wave pattern. Using a curling iron on wet hair can cause the extensions to burn or break off, and excessive use of a blow drying can leave the unit feeling coarser and developing a hard film of the product along the outer edge. Another good option while air drying is to use a mannequin head or a styrofoam dome to help shape the unit for your head.

5. Invest In a Wig Bag

Investing in a wig bag can go a long way to revive your wig over time. Having a wig bag makes keeping your hair fresh because placing your wig in the bag overnight will retain moisture, and dust out and is a step up from lying it on your dresser. Additionally, a wig bag helps make traveling with a wig comfortable by reducing the effect of outside sources, and the tangling and smushing that occur when casually thrown into your pocket. Treat your hair with care!

A Fresh Look, Quick And Easy

The best part about weaves and wigs are that they are long lasting and the hair used for both are reusable, with the proper care. Be sure to take care of your extensions whether they are made into a wig or installed in your hair by brushing them thoroughly, washing and deep conditioning with excellent products, allowing your hair to air dry and placing your extensions in a safe place for storage. Following these steps will restore your weave or wig in no time.