More and more businesses are emphasizing brand awareness. These days, a brand will not survive if it stagnates and gets overtaken by the competition.

A business needs to be at the top of its game and constantly look for new opportunities to reach new demographics and attract customers.

If you feel like you are not doing enough to raise brand awareness, the tips below should be quite useful. The more of them you implement into your brand awareness strategy, the better results you can expect.

Create Custom Merchandise

Custom merchandise is one of the most effective methods to advertise your brand indirectly. You could create custom t-shirts and offer them as a freebie to the most loyal customers, or open a side store and sell the merchandise there. The make your own shirt – Printify guide covers the basics and helps you set up the idea.

The goal of custom merchandise is not necessarily to make money. No, if someone wears a brand’s t-shirt, it will get noticed by their friends and family and pique their interest to check out the brand.

Start Selling on Established Platforms

In 2020, third-party sellers make about 50% of all sales on Amazon. Other than Amazon, you also have eBay.

These two and other popular ecommerce platforms offer an opportunity to sell your products directly on them. You could use the same custom t-shirt idea and sell them on Amazon. Even if someone does not buy the t-shirt but still notices them while browsing through products, they might register your brand and remember it for later.

Organize Giveaways

Social media is probably the go-to place for giveaways. SM users like to participate in contests because there are no entry fees. They just need to like and share the giveaway post to enter.

By sharing the post on their feed, people inform their friends who might want to join as well. It should not come as a surprise that giveaway content on social media tends to go viral, which is beneficial for your brand awareness because the ultimate goal is to get noticed by as many people as possible.

Emphasize Customer Service

Excellent customer service is another important element of creating a good impression about a brand. You need to ensure that there is 24/7 support on all channels, including the website, emails, and social media.

An FAQ page is also a necessity because some customers prefer to seek information themselves instead of dealing with customer support.

Next, you have genuine customer reviews. A site visitor is more likely to purchase a product if they can find positive feedback from prior customers.

Offering multiple payment methods is also a big plus. Do not limit the store to just credit cards. Show flexibility and include services like Payoneer, PayPal, and Skrill. Cryptocurrency might also be a payment method on your mind.

Providing top-notch customer service will impress your shoppers, which will encourage them to recommend your brand to their friends and family.

Publish Impressive Guest Content

Make sure that your ecommerce store has a blog for SEO purposes and publishing guest content. Infographics, blog posts, short videos, and other content helps brands distinguish themselves from the competition.

Keep an eye on potential opportunities to work with content creators and ask them to share content that you can publish on your website. If it is beneficial to both parties, they would be more than happy to cooperate.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencer marketing could be one of the best investments a brand can make if it wants to raise awareness. A simple shoutout from an established A-tier celebrity is bound to attract an influx of new fans who will be eager to check the promoted brand.

These days, people trust individual personalities on social media more than they do with corporations. That’s why so many influencers managed to monetize their audience by promoting various goods and services.

In case your brand struggles to strike a partnership with top influencers because they ask for too much money to collaborate, switch to micro-influencers instead. Even though micro-influencers have fewer followers, they are known for an excellent overall engagement rate on their content, which is a more important metric than follower numbers.

Participate in Live Events

Participating in live events during the pandemic is not an option in most cases. This particular suggestion is one for the future once things return to normal.

Meeting people in various conferences and other gatherings, shaking their hands while discussing interesting topics, and mentioning your business could go a long way for the long-term awareness strategy.

Of course, these live events do not have to be something grandiose. Joining a podcast and explaining what your brand is about would also help with the overall brand awareness campaign.