The most lengthy, treacherous and tiring tasks of the world are packing, moving and shifting. While professional movers are easily available in the market and thinking of them doing the heavy job makes these tasks a little less daunting, you still have to make sure the things are ready for their arrival as packing is still a task that you have to finish on your own. Here are few tips for you to accomplish that task without a drag.

Begin With De-cluttering

The first thing you must do, before the movers are hired, is to de-clutter the house and sort things so they could be packed and garbage could be thrown away instead of getting packed and moved to the new home. For this, you must begin a week before the packing day and just sort through the rooms, kitchen, pantry, furniture, accessories, even clothes and shoes so the things that are broken or worn out could be finally thrown out and you could also make a sack of the things that you don’t want to use anymore but they are in good condition and shape. So you could donate it at the time of move.

Pack Your Food Items Yourself

It is wise to pack your food items and accessories yourself. One reason could be, that you don’t need to pay them to pack those and the second reason is that they might not know what to do with all the ingredients, small opened boxes and liquid bottles and might end up spilling or wasting them all.

Get Your Living Things, Ready

At the time of the move, the things that need your utmost attention are your furry friends or your cared for plants because like humans they also can be affected by the new house, shifting and the entire process. You have to check for their entire setting before the movers reach you for packing.

Pack Your Personal Treasures, Beforehand

It is always wise to pack and shift your valuables to a bank, beforehand. If you don’t want your valuables to be moved to a bank then rent a self storage box and place your valuable items in it till you are fully adjusted at your new place.

Pack a Precautionary Overnight Bag

When the movers will come and take everything, you are going to need your personal last minute items that have to be packed on the last day at the last minute and they would be needed the first thing after arriving at your new place as well. These things are to be packed in a separate precautionary bag with a spare of your dress, a formal dress and a pair of shoes, your gadgets’ chargers, medicines, toiletries and towels so that you don’t have to rummage through the packed bags and boxes for your tooth paste or soap, the very first day at your new home.

A Little Preparation Before Packing Is Advisable

This also needs proper attention of getting things ready for packing, so that the movers don’t go haphazardly. Pack your many small and loose items into bigger and wider packing. This way your tiny bits won’t go missing in big boxes and everything will be well sorted. Another useful thing to do is to call in to the moving company and ask about the rules of what they will not be moving so you could beforehand know about those things and arrange for them to be moved to your new house too. This preparation for packing will save you so much time and since everything will be organized, the movers won’t take long to pack and thus you will have to pay less to them.