Spring is in the air and you can tell because people are starting to look for spring cleaning tips online. Do you know how else to tell when spring is right around the corner? People begin to suffer from all types of allergic reactions once the weather warms up. And it’s a shame because this is the most fun time of year for so many people, but allergy sufferers have to stay indoors more often than not.

Guess what? Visiting ENT doctors at CT Sinus Center and getting a checkup can help pinpoint your specific allergies. And once you know exactly what you’re dealing with, you’ll find it easier to manage your particular symptoms and cut back on some of your sufferings.

Know what else you can do? You can prepare for spring allergies in advance. You can face the challenge head on and take steps to minimize the damage. By following this approach, your spring will be a lot more enjoyable and you’ll certainly feel much better. So pay attention to our suggestions because they really work.

1. Meet with Your Allergist Before the Spring

This may seem like common sense to plenty of you, but you’d be surprised how many people fail to heed this advice. In fact, they wait to visit with their allergist once they’re already suffering a great deal. If you just meet with your ENT ahead of time, you can take steps before the changing season to get ready and minimize your pain and suffering.

Why see the allergist first? Simply speaking, the ENT can prescribe medications to combat the effects of pollen and other spring related issues and blunt their symptoms before they even begin. So instead of feeling run down and suffering from sinus headaches, you can take meds and feel great without any of the unwanted side effects of the spring pollen and allergen counts.

2. Take Steps to Keep the Pollen at Bay

You and pollen obviously don’t get along if you suffer from spring allergies. So it’s in your best interest to take measures to keep the pollen at bay throughout the season. But how do you make this happen?

First, get ready for some spring cleaning while keeping the pollen out. Do not open the windows and doors to enjoy the spring breeze. This may seem sad and depressing to some but it beats needless pain and headaches.

Also, clean the whole house from top to bottom. But focus on the areas where pollen and other allergens might accrue. Clean the furniture, your air filters, your bedding, and definitely vacuum your carpets thoroughly.

As well, when you go out remember to change clothes as soon as you get home and put your pollen contaminated clothes in the hamper for washing. Next, take a shower prior to bedtime. You’ll wash off all potential allergens this way prior to bed. Third, frequently change your A/C filters to keep the pollen and dust out of the house.

3. Keep Track of Allergen Levels Online

Believe it or not, it’s easier than ever to track pollen and mold counts during allergy season. And you can download an app to follow them online. You’ll know when the pollen and mold counts are particularly high so you can prepare and take precautions well in advance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, it’s best for all allergy sufferers to prepare for the season in advance. The more prepared you are for the inevitable; the better off you’ll feel once the pollen and mold counts begin to hit the higher levels. So please use this info to your advantage and make the most of the beautiful springtime weather as best you can.
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