Planning to appear for JEE main in 2020 and wondering How to Prepare for JEE main in 2020? If your answer is yes, then I am here to help you out.

JEE is an extremely important exam for anyone out there, and there is no way you could take it likely. You need to have an overall strategy, make study hours, collect study materials, and so on.

So let me just share a definite guide with you:

How to Prepare for JEE main in 2020


Understand the JEE Main Paper Pattern

If you wish to crack Jee Main, then you need to understand the JEE main paper pattern. So the first thing that you should do is understand the JEE Mains 2020 Exam Pattern. As starting your preparation without proper knowledge would waste your time.

JEE main exams include two paper, and these papers are the:
Paper 1:

  • Paper 1 is conducted for the Engineering aspirants.
  • There will be 3 hours time duration, and you have to solve the Objective Type Questions from Physics, Mathematics & JEE Chemistry.
  • 4 marks are awarded for each correct answer, and 1 mark is deducted for each wrong attempt.
  • The exam is conducted in Online mode.

Paper 2:

  • Paper 2 is for aspiring Architecture Students.
  • There will be 3 hours time duration, and you have to solve questions from Mathematics, Aptitude Test & Drawing Test.
  • The marking scheme is same as paper 1.
  • The exam is conducted in Online mode. However, the drawing exam is conducted offline.


Collect the right Books for JEE Main Preparation

The next thing you have to do is collect the right books for JEE Main preparation. For book suggestion, you can check the below list:

  • H. C VERMA for JEE Physics
  • DC PANDEY for class 11th and 12th Physics
  • Pradeep’s fundamental for Physics


  • R. D Sharma
  • Arihant for Algebra and Differential Calculus
  • SL Loney for Trigonometry
  • ML Khanna for IIT Mathematics
  • IA Marron for basic concepts


  • Organic Chemistry – O. P Tandon
  • Inorganic Chemistry – J. D Lee
  • Physical Chemistry – R.C Mukherjee


Week Wise JEE Main Study Plan 2020

1st Month Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st Week Physics Units & Dimension
Chemistry Solid States & Atomic Structure
Mathematics Binomial Theorem
2nd week Physics Current Electricity
Chemistry Solution and Colligative Properties
Mathematics Differential Calculus
3rd Week Physics Electro-Magnetism
Chemistry Electrochemistry & Chemical Kinetics
Mathematics Coordinate Geometry
4th Week Physics Work Energy power & Gravitation
Chemistry S & P block
Mathematics Matrix & Determinants

2nd Month Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st Week Physics Geometrical Optics & Wave Optics
Chemistry Chemical Bonding’s & Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry
Mathematics Integral Calculus
2nd week Physics Heat Transfer
Chemistry D & F block
Mathematics Integral Calculus
3rd Week Physics Atoms & Nuclei
Chemistry Alcohol, Phenol &Ether
Mathematics Quadratic Equation
4th Week Physics Properties of matter and fluid
Chemistry Stereo Isomerism & Biomolecules
Mathematics Permutation & Combination

3 Months Study Plan

Weeks Subjects Topics
1st Week Physics Kinematics
Chemistry Chemistry in Everyday life & Polymers
Mathematics Trigonometry
2nd week Physics Wave Optics
Chemistry Hydro Carbons & Organic Compounds Containing Nitrogen
Mathematics Sequence & Series
3rd Week Physics SHM & Sound Waves
Chemistry Hydrogen & Purification of Organic Chemistry
Mathematics Vector & 3D
4th Week Physics Modern Physics
Chemistry General Process of Isolation of Metals
Mathematics Probability