The games created by Nintendo definitely stand out from the crowd. They are endowed with particular charm and imbued with the authenticity that most modern games lack. The games that were released for the Nintendo DS handheld are also not inferior to their predecessors. They are fun, exciting, and engaging. What’s more, they boast more elaborate graphics, better sound, and more realistic characters. No wonder, so many gamers still crave to play old-school NDS titles on modern devices. It’s not surprising that so many people want to know how to play Nintendo DS titles on the 3DS handheld, which was released 8 years after the announcement of the NDS. We’ll bet you’re also eager to do the same. Below are detailed instructions that will show you how to play DS ROMs on your 3DS directly from SD card using the TWiLight Menu ++ program.

A Few Words About TWiLight ++

Nintendo company allows playing some of the DS titles on the newer 3DS console, which means you can play DS ROMs of the game you own completely legally. Still, if you want to get the most out of your gaming, you should definitely take advantage of a special tool that can add some new features to NDS games and thus enhance their productivity and, correspondingly, your gaming experience. This tool is TWiLight ++. It may come in handy if you want to utilize some fun cheats, improve the original game’s sound quality or play it in full screen. But prior to installing this utility you should know that the program in question runs entirely in DS mode, so be ready to scarify some 3DS features. TWiLight ++ is compatible with the vast majority of DS games, such as Castlevania, the Dragon Ball games, main Final Fantasy games, Kirby games, barring the Squeak Squad version, the majority of Mario and Pokémon games, and lots of others. For more information check the full Compatibility List. Also, if you’re planning on using TWiLight on your 3DS, make sure to hack it with the FBI program.

Aside from TWiLight ++, you need your favorite DS games or ROMs. You can dumb a cartridge into ROMs on your own or download a read-made DS ROM from our website.

Preparing an SD Card

You need a DS card with custom firmware installed and a standard SD card.

First, connect your SD card to a PC. Then click the downloaded TWiLightMenu.7z file to extract its contents.

Go to the “NDS” folder and copy it to the root of your SD card. Then repeat the procedure your “ROMs” folder.

Navigate to the “DSi&3DS-SD card user” folder. Locate the “NDS” folder and “Boot.NDS” file there. Make sure to copy both the folder and the file to the root of your flash card.

Now it’s about time you visited the “3DS-CFW users” folder and selected the “TwiLightMenu.cia and TWiLight Menu – Game Booter.cia” file from there. Copy this file you the folder on your card. Then transfer the “TWiLightMenu-Updater.cia” file to the same folder.

Installing the TWiLight ++ Menu

Now let’s proceed to install TWiLight ++ Menu. To do this put your SD card into the 3DS.

Turn your console on and fire up the FBI program mentioned above.

From the main menu, select the “SD” option. Then choose “Cia”.

Navigate to the “Current directory” section and select “Install and delete all CIAs” from there.

Once the installation finishes, return to the Home menu. You can simply hit “Home” to do that.

Fire up the TWiLightMenuUpdater file that’s part of the TWiLight kit.

Start installing the files in the order outlines below:

  • Choose the TWL Menu++ [Release] and wait until installation is complete
  • Click on the NDS-bootstrap [Release] and wait until installation is complete
  • Click the Updater [Release] and wait until installation is complete
  • Click [Cheats] and wait until installation is complete.
  • Click [Extras]. Then select [Boxart] and hit the “X” button. Wait until installation is complete

Playing DS Games on 3DS

Once again navigate to the Home menu and launch TWiLight ++ Menu from there.

After that you need to select the Nintendo console you’re using. After that hit “A”.

In the lower right corner, locate and click the arrow to proceed to loading the DS and TWiLight ++ Menu UI.

Go to the “ROMs” folder and choose “NDS”.

Choose the ROM file you want to run and click “Start”.

Congrats! Now you can play DS games on your 3DS console! You may also proceed to install some cool cheats for your favorite titles and enjoy your gameplay even more.