A pergola is the perfect addition to any home. It adds a bit of aesthetic elegance to any outdoor living space. A pergola provides protection from the direct rays of the sun while allowing sunlight to still fill the space. To ensure a pergola continues to provide these benefits for a homeowner, it is important to provide proper care and paint the pergola when needed.

Inspect the Area

The Luxury Pergola purchased for the home should provide beauty and protection for many years without much care. However, there will come a time when the unit will need new paint. Whether due to wear and tear or simply for a change of color, the first step to painting the pergola is to inspect the area before starting.

Homeowners should thoroughly inspect the pergola before beginning the paint project. Homeowners should inspect the entire unit for any damage or rot. During this time, it is also a good idea to inspect the structure of the pergola. If there are stability issues or loose pieces, now is the time to have those problems repaired.

Gather Tools

The next step is to gather the tools needed for the job. A power washer is a great piece of equipment to help with the project. A ladder and extension pole may be a good idea for higher ceilings to ensure easy reach of every area.

Sandpaper and other materials necessary for repairing damage to the pergola may also be needed for the project, depending on the state of the unit. The proper primer for the material of the pergola will need to be purchased, as well as the type of paint in the homeowner’s choice of color. Most paint stores can assist in choosing the best types and amount of paint for this project.

There is also equipment needed to protect the homeowner and their property. A respirator mask and safety glasses will protect the homeowner from injuries during the project. Rags or paper towels will be helpful to clean up drips and mistakes. Drop clothes or other coverings for any furniture or other structures in the area where the paint will be used.

Finally, homeowners will need to decide if they are going to use brushes or a paint sprayer. If choosing a sprayer, it may be a good idea to keep some brushes on hand for some areas. Painter tape may also help keep paint lines straight.

Prepare the Area

The next step is to prepare the area for painting. After all furniture is removed or covered, the work can begin. A power washer is a great tool for easily removing any dirt, debris, or even mildew from the structure. Any loose paint should also be removed from the structure. A paint scraper and a little sandpaper should make easy work of these issues. If any repairs are necessary, they should be done now.

Prime and Paint

The next step is to apply the primer to the pergola. Often, two coats are necessary, depending on the type of primer and the area. Once the primer dries, it is time for the paint. Be sure to apply each coat evenly and allow it to dry before applying the next coat.

Touch-Up and Clean Up

Once the paint has dried, check for any mistakes or areas that may need more paint. Apply any necessary touch-ups. Once it has dried, cleaning up the drop clothes and tape are the final tasks for this project.

Once complete, the pergola should look fresh and new. It is a good idea to inspect the structure once a year to apply any touch-ups or repairs needed. These steps will help ensure the pergola looks good and stays that way year after year.