Launching a business line or starting your own company is as much a dire need these days as is earning. The foremost thing that you require, after the well thought and well picked concept with a unique selling point, is your office with its own dedicated space. Many consider that the perfect location of your office is also bound to bring you worthy clientele but what the employer needs to consider is the cost of it all on his pocket. Not only, setting a new office in the industry is difficult, you also have to fulfill some fundamentals, for the success of your business. Out of many can be

  • the commercial area where you are setting up your office space;
  • the space should be spacious enough to cater to your resource;
  • the general running condition of the office;
  • the office should be positioned in a suitable location, close to all local amenities.

Unfortunately, this has a price and takes a major toll on the employer’s pocket.

Generally, an individual employee’s work station can fit in as small space as a single office desk and chair would take. But still, if you have the resource of 20–25 employees then you ultimately require a bigger office to accommodate them all, without having more people in tight and stuffed spaces. And the key to fit in more people in small office space without stuffing, is to organize it in such a way that the space maximizes without costing you more. Some smart suggestions to arrange your office space could be:

  • other than the executive positions, the remaining staff may not have dedicated rooms for their offices;
  • the junior staff could be given their individual work stations in small paneled cubicles.
  • buy smart furniture and shelves according to the cubicles’ size;
  • prefer the hanging shelves or cupboards so they don’t take up more floor space.
  • if you are renting the office space, then with the landlord’s permission, you can change the color schemes to give the impression of a larger and cozy office;
  • you can decorate the office using mirrors which will enhance the beauty of your office and can also give the illusion of bigger space.

The employer should make sure that he rents the place for not less than a year or two or else it can be a big burden to change the space, furniture and everything according to the new office size. He should also make sure that he has the permissions from the landlord for slight modifications to maximize the office space.

Other furniture related tips to make use of all your available space are:

  • using corner furniture like an L-shape desk;
  • using compact computer desks, employees using laptops require slightly less space than employees using desktop stations for their duties;
  • using mobile workstations such as wheeled computer desks;
  • using wall-mounted shelves to store your office supplies.