If we will be giving away free roundtrip tours to Europe or a Carribean cruise, would you notice this blog?

Of course! Unfortunately though, not everyone can afford that kind of extravagant give-aways just to be discovered. Most contributors online only have words and charm to deliver. So if you are one of those content writers, you need to make your every presence count. If you already have the talent to creatively express your thoughts through written outputs, then half the work is done. Here are the other half. Be sure to make them count for you.

1. Aim for the head or the heart

Maintaining a blog is pretty much like selling yourself. You need to establish who you are and what you are capable of in order for people to read you. But that doesn’t mean you should go for the obvious kill – do not over-sell yourself. Go straight to the audience’s head through stirring their curiousity or pierce through the heart and gain human interest. Let your audience experience how you think instead of dictating it to them. Display how you care and that you have a heart rather than simply telling them them that you do.

2. Get them hooked

After getting your target market’s attention, be sure not to let them go. This part is tricky, though. There a lot of one-hit wonders on the internet. But you just need to stay in track once you found your “calling” here. Learn through observation and find out what tickles your audiences to get them to visit regularly and read you.

3. Assure originality

Even though you are totally writing from scratch, you can still unknowingly commit plagiarism at some extent. With probably about millions of contents in the internet today, there will be a chance of having similar bits of sentences here and there. So make sure you don’t make a fool of yourself. Run your article on a plagiarism checker to be certain, Eduzaurus is an example of such plagiarism checker tools.

4. Give everything in spoonfulls

Nobody would want to chew on a huge chunk of meat. People would always want it be cut into pieces first. Moreso people on the internet who have limited attention span and want to have almost everything to be instant. Always keep in mind to slice your whole idea into smaller “edible” chunks for your target market – make a list, break them down into three or four points, and other great ideas to make the article look concise and easy to read.

5. Spice things up as you end

Don’t just end your content just to simply end it. Keep your audience on thinking or better yet, guessing what’s next. Make them ask for more by giving a little cliff-hanger or providing an open-ended resolution. That is how you spice things up through the ending.

Writing an article to inform is one thing, writing to persuade is another. What kind of content are you capable of creating masterfully?