There is a charm in older cars. However, the charm may not work if the car doesn’t look roadworthy. Whether you can’t afford to buy a new car yet or are just deeply attached to your old car, you can still do something to improve its current status. Interestingly, giving your old toy a new look won’t automatically cost you a fortune. A few activities such as minor replacements, occasional deep cleaning and regular maintenance can to a tremendous job. Therefore, if you have decided to revamp your old automobile, below are amazing ways that will assist you to restore the beauty of your old vehicle.

1. Thorough cleaning

Thorough cleaning your car is very essential. Don’t be satisfied by the usual quick wash of the car in most service stations. This may not be all that your car needs. Look for an expert who can thoroughly wash your car targeting more or all the crannies and the nooks of the vehicle. Other areas that tend to be forgotten include wheel wells, engine bay and under-body. The interior of the car should also be dry cleaned and vacuumed. While it may cost you some money, the end results will excite you. Make sure this is done often to avoid build-ups. Plus keep your car organized, arrange your compartments and avoid leaving trash inside the car.

Besides, you can wax your car after cleaning it. This helps to give your vehicle a shiny new look and protect it from some elements. This can be done at your favourite vehicle service centre but if you are up to the task, you can do it yourself. Ensure you gather all the necessary information before you embark on the waxing process. Wax your car as often as possible or at least once a year. It will help protect your car.

2. Paint the car

At times, a good wash and waxing may not be enough to make your favourite car appear new. This happens if there are several locations where paint has scraped off on your car. A fresh coat of paint will help to resolve this and give your car a new look. When getting a new coat of paint, you can choose the existing colour if you are not tired of seeing the same colour. It will make your vehicle look like when you first brought it home. You can also choose a completely new look with different paint. Whatever choice you make, just bear in mind the choice you make is permanent. The colour options are also limited.

If the painting option is too expensive, you can consider other ways to get rid of minor scratches on your vehicle. For instance, a touch-up job can help cover bigger scratches and dents without completely repainting the car. Buff the car with a good quality glaze polish and top it off with a durable wax polish. If you want to give your car a flamboyant look, use masking tape to cover some strategic areas. The car will come out looking different.

3. Check the tires

It is also crucial to care for your car’s tires is you are looking to improve its current appearance. These days, you can get pretty good quality tire polishers. They are designed to gleam your tires and make them look new. To maintain the new look, use it regularly; at least once in a fortnight. When the tires of your car look good, the wheel will appear more attractive. If you are willing to spend some extra cash on your machine, then you can invest in a good set alloy wheels. Whether new or used, they will improve the look of your car. If you are not into spending that much yet, consider spray-painting the rims or add a set of wheel covers. They will protect the rims from scratches.

4. Car wrap

Did you know you can give your car a new look with just a car wrap? This is especially useful if the colour you want is not available or you don’t want to make the change permanent. A car wrap gives you a chance to completely change the look of your car to almost anything. Furthermore, you can remove the wrap anytime you want to. A car wrap is usually ideal when you feel like making drastic changes but you know you might want to change it when you finally decide to sell it. The impressive feature about car wraps is that they are affordable when compared to painting and you are not restricted to the changes forever.

5. Care for the engine

If you want your car to continue operating as it used to when you bought it, keep the engine well lubricated. You can as well consider an oil grade change and plug replacement. This will keep the engine performing at its best even after years of driving it.

Another service to offer your engine car is aqua blasting. This is a vital metal cleaning and finishing process. After aqua blasting, your engine will be clean, free from debris and rust. The process also provides a unique and permanent satin finish, easy to maintain. Thus, from there, it will be easy for you to maintain your car engine at its best. Also, remember to check the engine management system, brakes and the clutch.

6. Care for the car seats

It would not harm to give your car seats a makeover. If possible, consider investing in a quality set of seat covers. Do this at least once in three or four years. Seat covers have the power to give your car a sweet feel. When changing the seats covers, it is recommended to get a completely new theme. For a more sophisticated look, colour match the floor mats and the door pad inserts. If the seats have lost their form, consider adding more foam to the covers. Alternatively, you can pad the seats, they will still come out beautiful and comfortable.

The conclusion

You don’t have to do everything at a go. Examine your car and select the areas you feel cannot wait. You may be surprised that with just a few maintenance changes, your car will look new and elegant once again.