TV lift stands are nowadays frequently used for modern interiors as they are convenient for a number of reasons. They are capable to complement the ordinary TV screen and turn it into something out of the ordinary – a convenient pleasure. Their implementation for house furniture construction allows creating new designs: drop-down TV lifts, cabinets, and wardrobes with pop-up TV monitors. Using such a technology anyone will find the combination suitable for their particular situation.

TV lift motorized with an electric linear actuator of Progressive Automations can be made in household conditions. Simply having a suitable stand with attached guide rails, an electric linear actuator of certain specifications, electric relay, and a remote control system any craftsman can make his own TV lift stand at home.

Using a wide variety of consumer electronics craftsmen can finish their projects as a real DIYers. For instance, electric linear actuators variety of Progressive Automations allow picking up the most suitable according to such parameters as the length of stroke, weight capacities, time of movement, and dimensions of the movable TV screens. These actuators are equipped with the end limit switches sensors, that are responsible for the reverse movement when the actuator reaches one of its two limit positions. When counting the specifications important for the electric linear actuator it is necessary to keep an eye on the weight capacity which preferably should be 50 percent greater than the actual weight of the TV screen supposed to be lifted. Length of stroke from 2 to 4 centimeters longer than the screen height will be enough to allow watching TV without any drawbacks.

When it comes to the construction of a DIY TV lift, the 12V casual linear actuatorэы capacity will be completely enough to move TV screens of the most spread dimensions of from 33 inches to 95 inches. The 12V linear actuators make the installation process easy and safer even for inexperienced customers.

Also, the craftsman will need a mounting plate to install the TV. The plate should be fastened to the linear actuator dedicated to moving it. Plywood suits for such purposes perfectly. With a pencil and a piece of cardboard, the DIYer has to create a template to make holes in the plywood mounting plate according to the pattern of the holes on the screen’s back side. After the screen fastened through these holes to the mounting plate attached to the electric linear actuator, the whole construction is ready. The final step is testing. If all measurements were done correctly then the TVlift stand will work perfectly.

TV lift stand can be placed anywhere. It is capable to hold monitors of different sizes and allow to regulate their vertical positioning according to preferences of each potential TV viewer. Such a piece of furniture can become extremely comfortable for the interiors of various kinds. It brings up a certain level of adjustability always required to make the house conditions cozier. TV lift stand can make ordinary TV watching to be something your guests will never forget and surely it makes sense.