Shedding the excess weight can become a daunting task. But what’s more difficult than losing excess weight is to keep your reduced weight permanent. People go through this a lot. They start to eat more and go back to their original lifestyle once they have reduced their weight to the desired level. This attitude will again lead to an increase in weight so they again have to go through rigorous exercise and diet plans. Reducing your weight and keeping it off should not be difficult. You have to change your lifestyle a bit and follow some routines. In this post, we have listed some steps that you should follow to reduce your weight and to keep it off.

Steps to Lose weight and keep it off

Cut Calories and its source

Carbohydrates and fat are the main sources of calories that will increase your weight. If you are even a bit interested in reducing your weight, then you should definitely cut back on the food that contains a high amount of carbohydrates and fat. Now you won’t start to reduce weight as soon as you stop eating calories. It is because your body compensates for the lost calories by slowing down the metabolism. So you should continue your calorie deficient diet regularly each week. You should start to see a drop in your weight if you follow it regularly. You also need to replace the foods that are rich in glucose like corn syrup, candy, and others with foods like vegetables and fruits. People eat often, which is the main cause of weight gain. You should eat only when you are hungry to stop the excess calorie intake.

After you have reached your desired goal level, you can become relaxed a bit in your diet. But it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. If you follow other steps that are listed below and keep your diet in check, then you can permanently keep your weight at the desired level.

Exercise, Exercise, and Excercise

There is no sure way to burn calories than exercising regularly. There are a variety of exercises like cardio, weight lifting, yoga, and others that help you to shed excess weight. You can choose a form of exercise that you like and do it regularly. It is not necessary that you should do it daily which is difficult, but you have to do it frequently like three or four times a week to burn the excess calories and fat. If you have a busy schedule, then you can wake up early and put a workout schedule that you can follow regularly. You can also find a supportive group or have a friend or someone to join you in the fitness routine. Having a company really motivates you to do more.

Once you have reached your optimum weight level, there is no need to stop your fitness routine. Doing exercise regularly will only make you healthy and stay fit for a long time.

Stay Active

Exercise can help you to burn the excess calories, but it will become futile once you eat an extra cookie or ice cream and don’t do anything active. You should change your lifestyle a bit if you want to reduce your weight and keep it in control. You can use steps instead of using the elevator, walk for 10 to 15 minutes if you are sitting in a place for more than an hour, play some sports with your friends, and more active things to keep your weight under control. You have to become physically active every day to keep your weight in check. The important thing is you have to do something that you like. Being active with something you like helps to burn more calories without you having to put any extra effort. You can also try different exercises if you are bored to keep you motivated to stay active.

While being physically active, you also have to get a good amount of sleep. Having enough rest daily keeps you fresh throughout the day. You’ll have the energy to be active all day. So it is important to get enough rest along with staying active.

Monitor your progress

Monitoring your progress using a weighing scale can motivate you to achieve your desired goal. Not only your weight, but you should also track what you eat, how much you eat, and your daily exercise level. You can keep a journal or use a fitness app to do this. You can also wear fitness wearables or smartwatches to track your daily exercise routine. When you track your daily progress level, you can pinpoint the area in which you have to improve to achieve your desired weight goal. Once you see good progress by tracking your activity and weight, you will get motivated. Monitoring the progress is helpful in reducing your weight. You can also check your weight level occasionally after you’ve reached your desired goal to keep your weight in check.

Stay consistent and don’t get discouraged

It is the final and the most important step. You have to stay consistent in your diet and activity routine to get good results. Most of us expect to get good results soon after stating our workout plan. Our body doesn’t work like that. It takes time and a regular workout routine to reduce weight significantly. You should also be consistent in your diet too. It is easy to slip into old habits once you have reduced some weight, but don’t let it happen. Be true to your diet plan until you reach your desired goal.

You can get easily discouraged with your weight loss program once you see a slight increase in your weight. You should know that it will happen. Weight fluctuates based on what you ate, when you ate, what clothes you are wearing, and more. So you should not get discouraged by a slight increase in your weight. Stick to your routine consistently and you will definitely get good results in the long run.


As I said, reducing weight and keeping it off should not become difficult. You just have to follow some routine and change your lifestyle a bit to make it happen. Be active and stay fit by following the listed steps. You will live a long and healthy life.