Owning a home requires the responsibility of maintaining not just your furniture, appliances, paint, or roof, but also the main source of your water which is an essential need for every household.

Your water supply includes a piping system that was designed systematically where water flows from either wells or city water to your home. Each home experiences different issues like leakage, a clogged toilet, water heater malfunction, low pressure, or a running shower.

What Is Plumbing?

This generally refers to a system of fixtures and pipes that are installed into a building through which potable water is distributed to the building for different purposes and through which waterborne waste is disposed of. It is a different thing from sewage systems. You can read more on it here.

The person who installs and maintains these systems for a price is called a plumber. On the other hand, an organization that has in its employ plumbers and renders various services that require the skill sets of a plumber is called a plumbing company or service provider.

Why Is Plumbing Important?

As earlier stated, when things (in this case the water pipes and system in your house) get broken, or are not working optimally, they need to be repaired. The people equipped with the expertise necessary to do these repairs are plumbers and you engage them for the following reasons:

Drain Cleaning

They are the ones you call when the toilet drains or sink in your house or building that you live or work in may get blocked and will need to be fixed. Also, for them to fix the blockage, they would need to know what caused the blockage in the first place and this might entail the usage of certain tools within their disposal and of course, their know-how.

For Garbage Disposal

There are new and modern ways of disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner which they would have called a garbage disposal system. This tool is electric powered and is attached to the sink where it gathers and shreds the waste products so that they can now run through pipes and be properly disposed of.

For Hydro jetting

This is the method used when the above-mentioned garbage disposal method does not work. However, it is only to be used by a professional plumber. It is always very effective and simply involves the blasting of water through the drains that are clogged to get them to unclog.

For Sewer Line Repairs

Any damage to a sewer line can be quite the ordeal to go through. It definitely will inconvenience you and would prompt you to immediately call for repairs. However, beyond the quick fix that you might imagine the job to be, there is a need for a thorough examination of your sewer lines and the plumbing system of your house just to be sure.

Jet Vacuum Sewer Line Services

This is a new and faster method of cleaning your sewer lines. It is much different from the old method where the ground has to be dug for the pipe with the challenge to be located. In this instance, the jet cleaners (that are very high powered) do the cleaning job without damaging the pipes.

Tips For Choosing The Right Plumbing Company

Now, when selecting the plumbing company that you want to work for you, you want to be sure that you are picking an organization that will deliver on your expectations of them. The question now though is how do you pick the best one for you?

Check Their Service Record

One of the things to look out for in the organization that you want to engage their services is their service record. This is because their service record will show you the quality of service that they render.

Compare Prices

You obviously have a budget for the fixing of your plumbing system. Being on a budget, it will be wise for you to do a market survey of what the kind of job to be done for you will cost. Compare prices and choose what is most comfortable for you. Note however not to engage an organization just because they come cheap, it might just reflect the quality of their service.

Ask The Locals for Referrals

This is one great way of narrowing down your options and getting a pointer of who to choose. This is because the locals will be the ones who have firsthand experience of either the good or bad quality of work that a plumbing company has done for them. Take Arlington County for example, though a sizeable county, you can always bank on getting the best information about a plumbing company in Arlington that will serve your needs. From the information that they give, you can make your choice.

Ensure That They Are Licensed

Ensure that the organization that you want to engage is licensed to function in the capacity that they claim to be functioning at. Every state or city has regulations licensing and guiding the practice within that locality. Therefore, if the plumbing company is not licensed or present a credible license, do not engage them.

Ensure That They Are Insured

Another thing to make sure of is that they are insured. The reason for this is because, accidents do happen; there might be injuries or damage to particular property (understand that accidents occurring is not the norm, but it is a precautionary step). Should any of the above mentioned happen, you will not be liable for any damages.


The plumbing systems of every building in modern days are a crucially important part of the building. This is because it ensures that occupants of the house can get water for different household activities without which everyone in the house would be stranded.

However, these systems do develop issues sometimes and are not able to serve properly. This is where the service of a plumbing company comes in handy.