Let us face it, no one is lucky enough to wake up to naturally done and textured hair. It just doesn’t happen. Not even in the wildest of dreams. The fact is you need to take decent care of your hair and layer it correctly to get the desired hairstyle that compliments your overall look. Layering your hair might make you think of cool and cozy and bouncy knits, but did you know there is an art to layering your hair products too?

Humans are often are too occupied with a variety of tasks – work, scouting bestonlineassignmenthelp, cdr writing services, exercising, petting their dog etc. – that they often do not give much attention to their hair, especially when it comes to layering. Let me make this crystal clear for you, the fact is, if you want to maximize the results out of the expensive hair products you bought, applying them in the right order is the key. There are a variety of products available for any hairstyle you pick at your fingertips, but they will brew transformative and visible results only if used in the right manner.

Just like you can get assignment assistance from websites like paperdoers and EssayWriter4U, but at the end of the day you will have to write your assignment on your own. Similarly, you can wash out tons of cash on high-quality hair care products, but if you apply those products in the wrong order, you are only wasting your hard-earned money and time in the process.

Confused? Well, fret not! This page right here has a solution to all your hair-caring woes. We have got the full scoop of tips and tricks on how to layer hair care products for best results. You just need to sit back and follow the lead.

Shampoo and Conditioner

Shampooing and conditioning your hair right is the gateway to perfectly styled hair at the end of the grooming session. Shampooing your hair right? Is that even a thing you may ask. Yes, it is. You need to make sure that the shampoo and conditioner you are using is right for your hair type.

Some people skip conditioning because they feel like it will weigh their hair down, but that is not the case. You feel the weight because your conditioner is kind off heavy. Use a light conditioner like Burt’s Bees deep conditioner. It is not only light but works wonders for all hair type.

Leave-in Conditioning is the Key

Once you are done showering, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt – however, make sure it is not your boyfriend’s or he might get pissed – and let it absorb the excess water. One sure that your hair is not sopping wet; the first thing you need to do is sprinkle in some leave-in conditioner. Live-in conditioner is lightweight thus will easily penetrate the hair and will not create a blockage for the styling products you will use on your hair post-conditioning.

Leave-in conditioners if sprayed thoroughly especially towards the end of the hair, could also help untangle the hair, thus making it easier to comb. And with combing I meant, using a wide-toothed comb and not brushing the hair post-shower as wet hair is delicate and responsive to the wreckage.

Serum or Mousse? Take a call

Once done with conditioning, now it is time to apply the next mid-weight products. It could be serum or mousse depending upon the look you want to nail with the glamorous dress you are excited to don. If it is a smooth, shiny, straight look you are craving, serum is what you need to apply. However, if you want to show off those curls or give your hair volume, then mousse is the best option. Applying any of these products directly on your hair can make the hair feel crunchy and dry. However, a leave-in conditioner is ensuring you have a good canvas to work on.

A beauty hack: when applying serum or mousse try your best to keep it away from the scalp if you do not want your hair to look greasy.

Heat protectant

If you are attempting to achieve that straight hair look or in any case you are thinking of heat styling your hair, then applying a heat protectant to your hair is an absolute must. Apply heat protectant about five to six minutes before heat styling your hair. Letting the hair air-dry will assure the minimum damage to the hair, and you will not hear your hair hiss as you straighten it. Moreover, make sure you comb your hair properly before you get started with the hot tools to ensure hair protectant is fairly spread, and none of your strands are left defenseless.

Hydrating the Curls

A few drops of a hydrating hair oil can do wonders for your hair. Applying hair-oil does not only help add shine and definition to hair but also helps lock in moisture and prevent any sort of frizz. Since hair oils have a more viscous texture, it is necessary to apply thinner products (like leave-in conditioner) beforehand as oils tend to create a barrier around your hair which is not good for layering products over the top, however, beneficial for protecting your hair against humidity.

Giving the Finishing Touch

Locking in the hairstyle so it stays intact throughout the day is the final step in your hair care routine. Whether you want to maximize the lifespan of those curls; your boyfriend drools over or smooth down those stray hairs, hairspray must be the final product you should look out for. However, make sure you do not apply more of hairspray, as it will give your hair a crunchy texture, always prefer starting small with sprays before adding more if needed.

Now that you know how to layer those hair products, try it on your own. Just like planning an academic essay writing task by assignment experts precisely makes it less grueling similarly, applying hair care products in the right order will give your hair a smooth texture that everyone will admire and fall for.