The ear is an important organ but most people neglect theirs. Healthy hearing means a more productive life for you. Here are five tips that will help you to maintain healthy hearing:

Do Not Put Anything in Your Ear Canal

No matter how tempting it is, you should not use Q-tips. These products are harmful, as they can rupture your eardrums. You should also keep your fingers out of your ear because putting things in the ear canal increases the risk of infection.

Resist the urge to have wax-free ears. In fact, the wax is useful because it stops foreign objects from gaining entry into your ear. Consider using tea tree oil for managing the buildup of wax. If your ears are itchy, don’t use sharp objects to relieve the itch; instead, you can apply some olive oil to lubricate your ears.

Avoid Loud Noise

One of the leading causes of hearing loss is continuous exposure to loud noises. Whether the noise is originating from a speedboat, music player or fireworks, you should avoid it. Excessive exposure to loud noises will damage the sensitive hairs within the ear thus causing permanent loss of hearing.

If you cannot avoid the noise in your workplace, you should speak to your supervisor about it. Your employer will find a way to reduce exposure. The best solution is to minimize the amount of time you spend using noisy machinery. Consider asking for hearing protection devices such as earplugs and earmuffs.

If you listen to music on your headphones, you should invest in noise canceling ones. Noise canceling headphones will keep you from increasing the volume to block environmental noise. If the person seated next to you can hear the music that you are listening to, you need to lower the volume.

When you go to concerts, you should stand away from the speakers. You can also wear earplugs that lower the volume without muffling the music.

Eat Healthily

Do you know that certain foods promote healthy hearing? Some minerals are good for your ears. Zinc, folic acid, and magnesium usually provide a layer of protection to your hearing. Whether you want to keep loud noises from destroying your ears or fight off germs, a balanced diet comes in handy if you want to improve your ear health.

Remove Wax Safely

The older you become, the more likely you are to have a lot of wax buildup. Of course, some wax is beneficial for keeping dust and bacteria at bay. However, too much wax can lead to blockage in your ear canal thus causing an infection.

Schedule Yearly Checkups

If you experience dizziness, ear pain, or ringing in your ears, you should visit the doctor. Exams such as a hearing test in Manchester will keep you from losing your hearing permanently. Checkups will ensure that problems are detected and treated early enough.

One out of three 65-year-olds experiences some degree of hearing loss. Sometimes, it might not be bad enough to affect their daily lives and some choose to live with it. Annual checkups can save your hearing.

Keep Your Ears Clean

Do you swim frequently? You should keep your ears free of bacteria to reduce the risk of infection. Swimmer’s ear is a common infection that occurs when water that contains fungi and bacteria is trapped inside the ear. To avoid infection, you should use earplugs when swimming and give your ears plenty of time to dry.


Hearing allows you to interact with the rest of the world. For this reason, you should take care of your ears from a young age into adulthood.