The trampoline is fun to play with. It also helps your children stay healthy. During this quarantine, they probably lack physical activities. Allowing them to use the trampoline helps in burning calories to prevent weight gain. Of course, some risks come with the use of a trampoline. You probably saw several videos of people getting injured while having fun on a trampoline. The good thing is that there are some ways to keep your children safe while using it.

Consult with your pediatrician

The first thing you need to do is ask your pediatrician. Not all children can use a trampoline. It might be unsafe for some. Children with existing medical conditions shouldn’t use a trampoline.

Set the trampoline on level ground

Make sure that the surface is even. It prevents the trampoline from tipping to the side when someone is using it. You have to clear the area first before you install the trampoline. You also have to consider soft surfaces like grass. When someone falls, it won’t be too painful. You may also use a layer of safety mats around the trampoline.

Keep the trampoline away from trees

There are times when the person jumping on the trampoline can’t control it. When jumping high, the person might reach trees and fences. Therefore, you need to keep the trampoline away from anything that might cause injuries.

Place a safety net

You might have to spend a bit more if you decide to install a safety net around the trampoline. However, it’s the best way to prevent someone from falling. The net catches the person who loses balance.

Check the springs and bolts

Make sure the springs and bolts are in the right place before using the trampoline. They might get detached and damaged. Try to jump softly on the trampoline to see if the frame and bolts remain intact.

Remove items under the trampoline

Apart from the layers of safety mats, there should be nothing else below the trampoline. The trampoline can rip apart after some time. If it happens, and there are items below, it could lead to severe injuries.

Remove socks while jumping

Tell your children to remove their socks and shoes to decrease the risk of slipping. It’s also difficult to jump if someone wears socks and shoes. It could lead to imbalance.

Never let your children do exhibitions

Some adults using bigger trampolines might enjoy doing exhibitions like somersaults and flips. Your children shouldn’t do the same, though. Let them know that it’s dangerous for them. They can jump high and have fun but avoid exhibitions.

Purchase a quality trampoline

To prevent the risk of using a trampoline, you have to buy quality options. The material should be of excellent quality. You should also find the right size. Consider the height and weight of the people who will use it. You can check out for the best choices.

Trampolines are great for children. They can exercise and feel excited about it. If you’ve been quarantining for a while now, your children might have run out of things to do. They will feel excited about the idea of having a trampoline. As long as you can keep them safe, there’s nothing wrong with it.