When we purchase a new thing, obviously we try our best to keep it safe from others, from theft, from any bad accident or mishap etc. But a vehicle of any kind is always the dearest possession of its owner. Be it whatever model or size, we could not afford or imagine it being stolen or harmed. Similarly, if you own a bicycle or use a city commuter bike, it is even harder to keep it secure because it is small in size and thus it is more in danger of theft or damage. Even the results of countless researches conducted around the globe also declare that it is the most stolen and picked vehicle.

Cyclists purchase their bicycles with their savings or receive them as a gift to go to their school, colleges and in some cases to their place of work. In case it gets stolen, then the owners not only get emotionally disturbed but often end up bearing the loss materially. Not everyone can get it in another gift or can save up enough the very same week and thus may have to suffer again.

Following are a few of the best tips to help you secure your bicycle in the best possible way.

While you are locking your bike for security, the things to be considered for even more protection are:

  • With what you have locked it?
  • Where you have parked and locked it?
  • Have you locked it with something or just by its own frame?

Below are the ultimate necessary measures that a cyclist must take in order to prevent the theft of his precious bike:

Use The Bike Lock

The foremost measure to secure your bike from all sorts of thieves and thefts is the original bike lock. You don’t wish for people to think they are welcome for a ride on it without your consent so bike lock is enough to tackle all those thoughts. These days you can get variety and ease in everything and similarly you can look for a bike lock that is the best amongst the lot even if it is a little expensive. Never mind the price because the price for losing your bike is much higher than the lock. So, don’t take it for granted and pick the best and strongest possible lock for your bike. You can also check the feedback reviews by other bikers and cyclists who must have tried those locks.

Use The D / U Shape Locks

Another powerful form of lock to provide you with security for your bike is the D or U shape bike locks. Many researches boost about their productive effectiveness. These types of locks are famous because it is quite difficult to break or cut them and then steal the bike. For even more enhanced protection, you can bind it along the frame and wheel and thus making it difficult for the wheels to roll on the ground and thief will have to carry it, if he must. You can also find a vast variety in these types of locks too. From mini to heavy weights all sorts are generally available everywhere.

Chain Locks Can Be Even Better

To secure your bike, one has to think from a thief’s point of view. If your bicycle has a better shield of protection that he can’t break easily then his desire of stealing might get thwarted by that. For such thieves, this chain lock seems a level up in the game as they are harder to be cut or taken off the bike easily. To carry them around, as they are really heavy with a chain and a padlock, you can buy a bike bag that hangs diagonally around the seat of the bike. So wherever you wish to park your bike you can easily secure it with the chain.

Another Securing Method Is Cable Lock

Some might say that the cable locks are not very protective but since they are the most commonly sold and used locks, people often end up buying these which is not awfully wrong either, as you can use them while using other securing methods too. To increase security two kinds of locks are definitely better than one. They are also very cheap and easy to carry around because of their light weight.

Purchase A Bike Cover

Some researchers say that unless the thieves know what they are stealing, they won’t put a hand on your vehicle. On this theory, the most commonly sold item of security is the bike cover. This saves your bike from common thieves because they won’t know the brand of your bike neither they will be tempted by the polished components of your bike. This however is not the only security that these bike covers provide. They also protect your bike against rain or extreme weather conditions as they are water proof and are mostly made in the fabric that can sustain sunlight, water and wind.

Registration Can Save Your Bike Too

Assortments of registrations are also available these days both online and offline which help in both protection and securing your bike back in case it gets stolen. These various sort of registration help locate or identify the bike from all the information you must have submitted when you registered with them. These are very useful and helpful in your time of need. The most significant precautionary thing that you must always keep with you in your wallet or bag is the serial number of your bike and its make.

Smart Bike Security

With the advancement of technology, smart cycling locks are the hype of the future. They are easily available now, in the market. These locks are tech savvy in their production and functioning. For instance, the Bluetooth locking mechanism, or in-built ringing alarm function, GPS tracking to always know the location of the bicycle and the motion detection if your bike is on a move without you knowing it. These smart security options are too good and have very positive ranking.

Secure The Individual Components Of Your Bike

One thing that often gets overlooked is the security of the individual components on your bike. Generally, we keep focusing on the strong and powerful security of our bikes whereas we forget the other valuable parts of our bike like its seat, wheels, caps, handle bars and chain etc which if the thief fails to steal the entire bike, can take these off and sell them individually. Luckily, now you can secure these individual parts by replacing the common bolts and screws of your bike, that keeps these attached to their place, with the security bolts which are easily available in the market as well. Such things will require a particular bolt opener or a typical key to open the wheel skewers etc. The thief may have a key or an all purpose opener but still, chances are very thin and it will curb all the rest of the potential thieves.

GPS Tracker Is A Must To Have

This is not a tactic, lock or tool to secure your bike from getting stolen but it does provide protection after its being stolen as using this, you can always locate where your bike is by adding your serial of the bike in the tracker. This is the most useful invention of the technology advancement and is the major innovative tool of anti-theft. This is generally hidden in the frame, under the seat or anywhere out of sight so the thief cannot be warned against its existence.

Once you have installed it in your bike, and if unfortunately your bike gets robbed then you can log in to your account made on the web portal of the company whose bike you are using and figure out the exact location, your bike is at. Police and investigative agencies also use this medium these days.


Try and use multiple locks of your choice for increased security. Disguising its value through duct tape, leaves, foam, torn seat cover, chipped paint or even bike cover could be a better measure. Tracking systems and registrations are a great life saviors for cyclists. God save you and your precious bike from all wrong doers.