Do you have a friend that’s currently going through a breakup? This can leave you wondering how to help a friend through a breakup and give them the support they need to begin healing after the breakup.

If you want some tips on how to help your friend, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’re going to list some tips for helping a friend through a breakup.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into this list.

Cook Them Meals

When someone is going through a relationship, the last thing on their minds is cooking or completing other tasks that they would regularly complete. One of the best things that you can do for them is to cook meals that can be prepared easily.

All they’ve got to do is pull the meal out and heat it up then enjoy. You’ll never know how essential cooking your friend meals is to help them get back into the swing of things.

By cooking meals for them, you’re allowing your friend to focus on healing and not so much on other daily tasks that need to be done around the home. Plus, you can ensure that the meals are packed full of nutrients and vitamins that your friend needs.

Get Help

If you’re trying to figure out how to help someone in an abusive relationship, the best thing you can do is find help. Finding help could mean locating a woman or men’s shelter that will help to remove your friend from the situation to a safer place.

Or it could be taking them to consult with a domestic violence attorney so that they can be made aware of their options to escape their current situation. Sometimes knowing your options is enough to help a person begin taking the necessary steps to escape an abusive situation.

Don’t Overlook Their Emotions

A crucial part of healing is being able to vent and express what you’re feeling without someone else trying to hurry through the process. If you’re someone who can bottle your emotions up and move on, that’s fantastic.

This may not be the case for your friend, and the best thing you can do for them is to allow them to vent all of their emotions to you. When they are ready to talk, all you need to do is listen and let them know that you hear them and that they are entirely right to feel the way they are currently feeling.

Don’t Talk About Their Ex

Even though it may seem like talking badly about someone’s ex won’t affect them, this isn’t the case. Even if their former partner mistreated them during a breakup, they will still remember when things were going well and want to hold on to those memories.

Besides, speaking poorly about someone isn’t helping your friend move into a more positive space. Even if you feel this is a “told you so ” moment refrain from doing so because all that will happen is your friend will become angry with you.

Respect the Process

Even if your friend and their former partner separated months ago, it’s still likely that they aren’t ready to move, and their healing process is still happening. This is when you need to respect your friend’s healing process and not try to hurry them along.

People must understand that there is no time limit on how long someone will grieve or when the healing process will be complete. The process is different for everyone, and the best thing that you can do is let the process take its natural course and be there for your friend when they need you to be there.

Set Boundaries

There are times when you’re going to find yourself dropping everything to ensure that you’re there for your friend whenever they call. In the beginning, you’re doing this to be the best friend that you can possibly be, but you need to set boundaries at some point.

While you want to be there to help them through this challenging time, they need to understand that you’ve got a life. And you’ll need to focus on taking care of yourself.

And the reverse side of this is that you need to be ready for your friend to become distant or dismissive of the things that you’re saying. It’s not uncommon for someone to offer their friend advice following a breakup only for the person to twist the words into something that they weren’t meant to be.

If you find that your friend is lashing out against you, setting boundaries will help you give them the space they need until they’ve stopped becoming angry with those who are just trying to help them. Eventually, your friend will realize that you were only trying to provide them with support and start seeing your words as valuable help.

How to Help a Friend Through a Breakup

When it comes to knowing how to help a friend through a breakup, all of the tips listed above will help you help your friend. Be prepared for the times that they become angry with you for no reason and start looking for help if they need to escape from a dangerous situation.

We hope this post gave you all of the answers that you were looking for when it came to helping your friend. And we encourage you to read some of our other posts that cover topics about relationships, adulting, and health.