Hoping to grow your own garden?

It’s not simply for aesthetics. You also get to enjoy growing your own food and maintain a healthier lifestyle too. There’s also the fact that proper lawn care can increase your home’s value too.

That said, not everyone has a green thumb. The good news is that even people with bad luck in the garden can maintain a beautiful lawn. We’re here to help with a few helpful tips to get you on the right path.

Read on to find out more:

Prevent Weeds from Growing

If you want to maintain a beautiful lawn, you need to start by getting rid of the weeds. But in most cases, trimming them isn’t enough. That’s why you need to use pre-emergent herbicides to stop weeds from germinating in your lawn.

These products are great for controlling crabgrass, one of the most annoying weeds out there. It also works in eliminating other plants that would otherwise sprout back after a few days. It works by destroying the seeds from sprouting within your lawn.

To make the most out of it, make sure to use the pre-emergent spray during early spring. But you need to make sure to follow the package’s directions. This includes proper attire, equipment, application processes, and safety instructions.

Store these pesticides in a safe, hard-to-access place to prevent children from discovering it. It’s important to remember that pesticides ranked as the 9th most common substance to poison people. It becomes even more disturbing since about 45% of poison reports involve children.

Get Rid of Broadleaf Weeds as Soon as They Sprout

These big weeds are the ones that you can easily spot in your lawn. After all, they have bright-yellow dandelion faces that scatter seeds in the wind. Also, the white-flowering clover and the big-leaf plantain can become eyesores due to their visibility.

If you want to treat this problem, you need to apply granular weed control products. But it’s only necessary when there’s a lot of them. Otherwise, you can pick them up with your bare hands.

You should wait for a heavy morning dew before you apply these weed control products. It’s important since the granules will need the moisture to stick to the leaves. If you don’t want to waste water sprinkling at the plants, the dewy morning is your best bet.

Mow High and Frequently

When you mow your lawn, it’s often tempting to trim them to the roots. After all, that will make the regrowth period longer. But if you do this, you’re likely to damage your grass and allow other weeds to take root. That’s why you need to keep your lawn tall.

With a moderate lawn, your grass is healthier and looks more beautiful. As a general rule, you only need to cut two-thirds of the grass blade. You can learn more about sod and grass height at this website here.

Another thing that you should look into is the sharpness of the mower blade. If it’s dull, you’ll end up tearing the grass, making its edges ragged. As a result, the lawn will look grayish brown, making it less pleasing to the eye.

Whenever your mower blade shows signs of wear, sharpen it. But it’s always better to replace it instead. If you don’t use your mower that much, you can replace it at least once per mowing season.

Take note, another indicator of your blade replacement frequency is the size of your lawn and how often you mow it. You can also look at the grass blade after you finish mowing. If it’s frayed, it’s high time for you to replace it.

Always Water in the Morning to Maintain a Beautiful Lawn

If you’re wondering about the best time to water your lawn, the answer is early morning. It’s the best since the sun helps in drying the grass throughout the day. If you water the lawn at night, the grass blades might get too much moisture.

With this, you might end up getting some moisture-related illnesses. That’s why you need to water for long periods but at a lower frequency. Remember, wetting down the grass doesn’t count as watering it.

Ensure that the lawn gets soaked so the soil moisture will descend several inches. If you want to know if you’re watering enough, try using the soup can test. Put an empty can next to the lawn sprinkler and wait until there’s half an inch of water in the can before turning the sprinkler off.

Nourish Your Lawn

This means you need to give your lawn some Nitrogen. If you want to make your lawn greener, make sure to get a mix of fast- and slow-release fertilizers. The right season for you to fertilize your lawn depends on where you’re located in the country.

If you’re located in the north, the best time is during the fall and spring season. Otherwise, southern lawns should get nourishment in spring and summer. Make sure not to feed dormant grass since it has no means of taking in nutrients.

A word of caution: more is not always better. That’s why you should never put too much Nitrogen in your lawn. At worst, you’ll end up burning your lawn, so always read the label and heed the application directions.

Reseed Sparse Lawns

If you have thin areas in your lawn, make sure to put some seeds over it. This will make it more verdant, especially if you do it during the fall. Take note, this only applies to cool-season grasses.

For warm-season grasses, you’ll need to wait for late spring to reseed your lawn.

Grow the Best Lawn Today!

These are some of the best tips for a beautiful lawn. If you’re not sure how to do this on your own, you can get professional help. Don’t hesitate since the safety of your lawn is at stake.

But it doesn’t end here. If you want more lawn tips and tricks, don’t hesitate to explore our other guides today!