The bullet ant is also known as the bull or mymecia gulosa. These species are very aggressive, giant insects. They are mainly found in Australia commonly called jumper ants; they are main pains to deal with as gardeners’. Getting rid of bullet ants, and destroying their nests is dangerous and hard because their stings are venomous and it can hurt humans if they sting you numerously. That is why you have to be extremely careful when you are dealing with the bullet ants. It is highly advisable to call the best ant exterminator around Charlotte NC.

Their nests are usually found underground in the soil. A single bullet ant queen can build 14 different colonies, which allows the nest to expand deep underground which can be more challenging to get rid of them for good. If the mound you find in your garden is big, then so is the colony. However, you must keep in mind that the nest will be much deeper underground. These are a few tips to help get rid of bullet ants.

Boric acid – This method tricks the ants into eating poison, thinking that it is sweet. All you need to do is make a paste by mixing sugar and boric acid. Now put little amounts of this paste near the ants’ mounds. Ants love sugary sweet things! They won’t only eat it but also carry it back into their hill for their royal queen. Shortly after eating this paste, the ants will begin to die because of the boric acid in this paste. This can kill 60 to 80 percent of their colony.

Boiled Water – The best way to find their hideout can be by following the queue of ants, and they will lead you to their secret safe house themselves. This is one of the best ways when you want to deal with these tiny insects is to locate the ants’ hills, nests, and mounds wherever they are in your garden and pour boiling water over them. Make sure to follow this method repeated for 3-6 days consistently to achieve a positive result.

Nematodes – This is a beneficiary organism that is ants’ chief nemesis. This is also an excellent method to help you get rid of bullet ants from your precious garden. However, for this method to work, your garden temperature must be around 45F. The temperature of the garden soil must also be regulated to lie between 40-90F. Anyway, you must be wondering how this method work. They enter the digestive tract of insects like fleas, ants and moths and secrete bacteria. This proves to be deadly for the insects, making them die in one or two days. If you have an outdoor garden, go for other methods because this works best for indoor gardens.

Pipe Tobacco – This is another suitable solution that most gardeners’ use to eliminate bullet ants with the use of pipe tobacco. The first step is to soak the tobacco overnight and make a tea with it. Remember what you did with the boiled water method, do the same with this but with the tobacco tea in their nests and hill. Make sure you soak their nest with this tea. Repeat this method daily after locating all the mounds.

Professional Help – let it to the professionals, when you have tried home remedies and didn’t work for you. Try a different toxic method, or you seek professional help. They know what’s right for your garden.