This article contains useful information on how to remove tan using creams which are safe to use. To learn each and every thing about how to get rid of a tan fast in detail stick to this article.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear

There is a recent study that shows a significant number of women don’t know the right products to use to remove sun tan or how to remove spray tan. A recent one by dermatology skincare specialists shows that 88% of women don’t know what to use for different skin conditions. The good thing is that there are some of the products in the market that are effective in clearing skin tans.

Nature’s Essence Lacto Tan Clear cream is a good option among the numerous ways to remove tan. It is enriched with milk proteins, honey and geranium oil. If used the right way, it will eventually help to remove sun tan. It will also restore the natural fairness of the skin.

How to use?

Applying skin tan creams is a simple task. If you want to do this, then start by washing your face with lukewarm water. After that, you are required to apply the cream on the affected area. Leave it to settle for some time and later wash.

There are some creams that are good and you can leave them on the skin the whole day. What this means is that you can either choose to leave it on the skin or wash it off.

Esthetic Blend Suntan Removal UV Damage & Tone Restoring Cream

This skin tan cream is a pH balancing de-tans cream. It will help you combat the effects of the sun on your skin and eventually restore natural skin complexion. It will hydrate and smoothen the dead dry skin cells. You can apply it during the night and leave it overnight.

How to apply it?

You should apply this cream on the face and other affected areas of your skin. Massage it gently with your hands until it gets completely absorbed.

Control Corrective Intensive Skin Brightening Cream SPF 30

This is another good de-tan cream to consider when looking for solutions how to get rid of a tan. This cream is likely to reduce pigmentation and heavy sun tan even after using it for few weeks. It contains Kojic acid and vitamin C. Vitamin C has natural bleaching properties that help to reduce the effects of sun on the skin.

How to apply it?

If you want to apply this cream, then first of all wash your skin with warm water and then dry it completely. Apply it on your face and massage well with your hands. Leave it the entire day and wash in the evening.

Fair and Flawless Suntan Removal Cream

This skin care cream also gets deep on your skin and will help to reduce the effects of sun rays on the sun. It will exfoliate the skin and end up removing all the dead skin. It is rich in Vitamin D, E, B1, B5 and B2. It will exfoliate tan from the epidermis and also nourish the underlying skin cells. It still doesn’t offer the answer to the question how to remove tan from face instantly but it’s a good start and you should see some results in a relatively short period of time.

How to apply?

Apply this cream several times in a week to achieve all the benefits. Just start by washing and drying your skin and later apply it on your face. Massage your skin gently and leave the cream to settle in your skin for some time.

Foreverteen Salon Pro De Tan Removal Cream

This is another very effective skin lightening agent. It is especially made to contain Kojic acid, AHA, Honey, BHA, milk and fruit extracts.

How to apply it?

The method of application is the same. You just clean the face and later apply it on your skin. Ensure you have massaged it on your skin gently and later leave it to settle for some time.


There are tons of other creams which you can use too but the above which I’ve mentioned are the best ones and you can definitely try them to remove spray tan or sun tan from face and body.