It is amazing idea to participate in an online competition. This allows you in getting attractive rewards. Most of the social networks now provide their users with an opportunity to take part in the contests. Facebook is such a platform, which help many companies to host the contests. If you have also chosen a Facebook contest to win a prize, we have some effective tips for you.

Know instructions in detail

This is the most important task for every contestant. While you have not read all the guidelines and details, you may not know whether the contest is genuine. In many cases, we have noticed that the scam Facebook contests do not post the detailed instruction. You may also know the rules by reading the guidelines and the last date of the contest. It is also essential to make out if you are an eligible candidate for this contest.

Avoid contests with several entries

While the competition level is low, you have a better chance to become the winner. Especially, if the number of contestants is not high, you can get this kind of opportunity. There are special Facebook groups that help you in finding this kind of contests. You have perhaps clicked on the Like button of Facebook pages of local shops, restaurants and entertainment sites. This will allow you to get more similar pages. Open those pages to browse posts that may inform you about any recent contest.

Use the ticker feature of Facebook

Though it is an important part of Facebook, all the users cannot get this ticker. This is available only on the web-based Facebook version. Look at the window or Facebook page so that you may find whether the option is present for your use. To turn on the option, you have to choose the icon of settings, and then click on how Ticker. After doing it, you may find all the posts and pages, where your Facebook friends have commented and offered Likes. You may also make direct comments from your ticket or tag without accessing the pages.

Add a funny touch to your comments

If you have aimed at promotion, you need to make your comments more relevant and add fun to them. You can also use emojis to write those comments. Your comments must be so effective that they can allow the readers to smile. There is no need of posting any long story as short comment. And you should not copy any paragraph from other places to write a comment. Write such a comment, which makes people interested.

sharePost sharing – It is not always important

The posts that you have shared may come up on the Facebook page of other friends. It is a good option if there is a referral-based contest. In many contests, there is a need of additional clicks to receive bonus entries. However, while this is not essential, you can lose your chance to win the contest. You should know whether you should do sharing. But, if you are unable to know the details of this contest, you can better share posts and choose Only Me option. Thus, the adjustment of settings will allow you to stay safe.

Enter the contest as one of the late contestants

You have perhaps already found out the best contest. There is no need of entering it instantly. Most of your Facebook friends may get the news of your entry. They will also try to take part in it, and your chance to win also gets decreased. However, you can bookmark the page so that you may check out if you are able to win the contest.

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Never forget to check the result

It is an interesting fact that lots of people overlook it. They take part in the contests and think that they would receive a message, while they become the winner. However, the truth is that most of the promoters do not make the effort of having a contact with the contest winners. That is why you have to take the information on the competition until you know the name of winners. While the competition level is low, you may better regularly check out about the announcement of winners. So, never lose the prize that you deserve.

Get more friends to help you for winning Facebook contest

This is another useful trick because if many of your close friends give response to your recent comments, then you can become more noticeable to the promoters.

So, use these tricks to win any Facebook contest. Though you need to make your best effort, our tips may allow you to gain victory. Though many contestants buy votes to win these contests, it is better to make only the genuine efforts. You don’t need to invest money for winning any contest on the platform of Facebook.