Very few things can turn your whole life around the same way that breakups can. They leave people feeling broken, terrible, lacking confidence, and in some instances, depressed. Losing someone that was ever-present in your life; someone you confide in on everything that goes on in your life, sucks a lot.

Most people result in binge eating, watching sad movies, or going through the pictures they and their significant others took during their relationship but these habits do not quite provide a solution. You’ll find that some people end up ignoring their work, social life, or simply neglect practicing any self-care.

There are various ways through which a person can get past a breakup to achieve happiness within themselves. Below is a comprehensive guide on how to get over someone peacefully.

1. Avoid Bottling Your Thoughts or Emotions

Talking about what happened in a relationship can help you make serious advances towards moving on from the breakup. While most people would otherwise try and occupy their minds with work or study, completely shutting out an event that caused you significant pain or trauma is counterproductive. You need to reflect more on what happened so that you can psychologically untangle yourself from the relationship and move on.

2. Tap Into Your Support System

Just because you are no longer with your partner anymore does not mean that you are alone. Before you met them, you must have had friends and family members you held close.

Try and reach out to them so they can help you navigate through the rough times post-breakup. They might even provide you with tips and ideas on how to get over someone. Actively engaging your loved ones will give you joy during your emotional lows and will make you a lot stronger than before.

3. Try and Get Off Social Media

Unless your professional career involves social media, it’s probably best if you avoid social web platforms to prevent yourself from giving in to the temptation of checking up on your now ex. It’s natural and understandable to want to check up on your ex after the breakup but it is not a good way to recover since you’ll be feeding into the energy and memories of your former relationship. Doing this might trigger emotions or the pain of rejection once again and undo any progress of recovery you might have made.

4. Practice Self-Care

It is crucial that you try and pick up self-care habits during the days or weeks after a breakup. Your overall mood will be down and you might feel stressed and unenergetic. However, you need to occupy your body and mind with activities that will help you heal faster such as getting plenty of sleep, eating healthy foods, as well as going outside more for exercise.

Give Yourself Time

The reality of the matter is love has a psychological effect on your brain and once the supply has been cut off, there are going to be negative withdrawal side effects. Therefore, you need to give yourself a good amount of time to heal. Allow yourself to process your feelings as that in itself is a journey.

Self-reflection combined with the tips mentioned above will help you in the healing process and to move on with your life.