A single cracked tile can ruin the decor scheme of an entire floor. Here’s a quick DIY guide to fixing them.

When your tiles get cracked, the first instinct may be to replace them with new ones. While that will definitely solve the issue of cracked tiles, it is an extremely expensive and complicated solution. If you follow the steps listed below, you can quite easily fix the issue of cracked tiles. Read on to know more.

Fix it with matching paint

The use of matching paint to fix a cracked tile may not have been the first solution to have come to your mind but we can assure you that this solution is quite an effective one, when done correctly.

When you are recycling cracked tiles with matching paint, try mixing the matching paint with some tile fillers. Proceed to applying this solution into the crack with the help of cotton swabs. The tile filler should be allowed to dry up and when it is suitably dry, it should then be wiped off lightly with a cloth that is damp. If you do it properly, the crack will not be that visible and should provide you a solution to your cracked tile problem.

Use Glaze

Using glazing on a broken tile will do much to repair the visual aesthetics of the tile. However, it can fill the crack and will stop further damage from taking place on the tile. This method of repairing a cracked tile can be a bit tough on your wallet as once you apply glaze on the cracked tile, you will want to do the same with all the other tiles to keep the visual aesthetic consistency more consistent.

When applying glaze, make sure that the area where you are applying the glaze is cleaned properly. Whatever your cleaning method may be, be it mopping or wiping, you should make sure to repeat the process more than once so that the area is properly and sufficiently cleaned. Whatever is left on top of the tile after cleaning, will forever be trapped beneath the layer of glaze that is to be applied. When applying the glaze, make sure that the tile has been properly dried after the cleaning.

While a clear glaze is the preferred method of fixing cracked tiles for most people, you may opt to use colored glazes which are also readily available. Make sure you are not inhaling any of the fumes when the glaze is being applied. A good tip may be to have the windows of the area be open so that air is being allowed to come in and go out of the room. Once the container of the glaze has been opened, you should apply it before the glaze has the opportunity to dry. Usually in most cases, more than one coat of glaze will be needed to properly fix the issue.

Using Epoxy Glue

Epoxy Glue is another material you can use to quickly fix a cracked tile. When fixed cracked tiles with epoxy glue, you want to fill it with clear epoxy. This is usually a two fold paste that you have to mix. A toothpick should be used to properly place the epoxy glue while making sure the glue is at the right level. Time should then be given to allow the epoxy glue to dry properly. When the glue has dried off, the last thing to do here is to make use of some paint and a brush to cover the cracked area of the tile properly.

The right products

When using a third party material to fix a cracked tile, you want to make sure that the product you are using is made for this particular purpose. The type of product you should use also depends on the type of tiling you are looking to repair. If you have ceramic tiles that need to be fixed- you should use an adhesive that is specifically made for this purpose. If you are not using the right product for fixing your cracked tile problem, you will find that the cracks are not properly and completely covered as most of the unsuitable adhesives will definitely not stick properly.

Fixing cracked tiles is not rocket science. Having said this, the few considerations that need to be made for this purpose have been listed above in this article. One option that has not been listed here is to replace the individual tile that has been cracked. This was not listed in our list of solutions for a reason, that reason being that tiles are not sold individually but are sold in boxes. So unless you have spares lying around in your home, buying an entire box of tiles to fix one cracked tile will be an expensive endeavour.