We admire our favorite celebrities’ looks, and we all know someone whose outfits are always on point … but how do you find your own signature style?

While no one should limit themselves by keeping their fashion choices in a box, finding your signature style can help you create a cohesive wardrobe with endless outfit choices. When you have a focus, you can decide what staples to invest in so you can put a polished look together in minutes. Better yet, your closet will evolve from a bunch of random pieces to stylish building blocks that show off your natural beauty and unique personality!

These 6 tips will help you discover your own signature style so you can feel beautiful, confident, and ready to face the world any day of the week!

1. Find your celebrity style crush

Whether you admire Rihanna’s envelope-pushing ensembles or the timelessly chic Jennifer Anniston, the celebs whose wardrobes you’d like to raid can provide tons of fashion inspiration for your own life. But don’t worry, you don’t even have to have a limitless budget for designer clothes. Instead, put your shopping skills to the test and search for affordable copycat versions of your favorite outfits, or make the look your own by adding a personal twist!

2. Follow fashion bloggers

Thanks to social media, there’s no shortage of style icons online. Fashion bloggers can be just as influential as celebs, but they’re often more relatable. No matter your shape, size, style, or budget, anyone can find an Instagrammer’s style that they’d love to emulate.

3. Invest in a few statement pieces

When you have a few good quality wardrobe staples, you can re-style them in infinite ways! These pieces can anchor your look and help you define your signature style.

Consider investing in a few versatile items like a tailored blazer, leather boots, and one or two pieces of designer jewelry that are timelessly stylish. Any of these items can upgrade an entire outfit, whether you’re rockin’ a cocktail dress or your favorite old T-shirt. (After all, a Cartier Love Bracelet goes with everything, right?) And the best part? You can wear pieces for years to come, and every day if you want to.

Cartier Love White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet
Cartier Love White Gold Diamond Bangle Bracelet // Opulent Jewelers

4. Emphasize your best assets

Whether you gravitate toward classic pieces or you prefer fresh-off-the-runway fashion, your wardrobe should always emphasize your best assets. Trends aside, if you don’t feel comfortable in the newest craze in clothing, don’t force yourself to wear it! Alternately, it’s good to try out new silhouettes because they may become the most flattering thing in your closet. The point is, you should always stay true to yourself because good fit never goes out of style.

5. Try new things

Adding to the point above, there’s a difference between “signature style” and getting stuck in a rut. If you tend to buy everything in black or have a stack of same-cut jeans in similar washes, try branching out with different colors, textures, and shapes.

The same goes with accessories: if you normally only wear delicate designer jewelry, try layering multiple pieces or opting for a piece that really makes a statement. After all, style evolves, and you may end up surprising yourself when you try something new!

6. Show off your personality

The best part of fashion is that it’s a way to express yourself. So when it comes to your signature style, the most important thing is to show off your personality, whether it’s colorful, sophisticated, edgy, polished, something in between … or maybe a little bit of everything!