When you are searching for student housing, you must use a few tips to pick the perfect location. There are hundreds of universities that accept exchange students, and you need to know how to help your students remain comfortable when they travel to a new place for school. The five steps listed below will help you come to the right conclusion, and you can compare many student housing facilities until you find the right one.

1. Where Is The Student Housing Located?

Student accommodations in the UK, US, and AU should be chosen based on a number of factors. You must find a location that is best for the students. You want the students to go to a place that will offer them a nice community, a short commute, and good accommodations inside the building.

You can check the location of the building on a map, and you can compare the commute for different buildings. It is very easy for you to determine which building has the best location, and you can also look into things like street lighting, crime rates, and the shops that are close to the facility.

2. How Does The Housing Unit Handle Security?

Security for a student housing facility should be handled by someone who sits at the front desk all day long. The people at the front desk will check in every person who comes through the door, and the security staff will keep a log of all the visitors who enter the building. You may want to find a facility that has a guard who is trained in security, or you could choose a facility that has security cameras in the hallways and stairwells.

3. Are There Suites And Solo Apartments?

Suites and solo apartments are used to ensure that every student gets the accommodations that they need. You can ask for suites that will help students live in community, or you could get a solo apartment for a student who has come to college on their own. If you can fill the suites with a group of students, you may receive a discount. If your student needs a place to stay, you could get them into a room in a suite that is not yet full.

4. What About The Amenities?

The amenities for these facilities should include private bathrooms, full kitchens, and commons rooms for study. The facility should offer enough space in each bedroom for a bed, nightstand, and desk. Plus, the rooms should have a window so that the students can get some natural light during the day.

You can check out the floor plans online, and you can use those floor plans to get approval from the kids as you search for their rooms. If you are an adult student who is traveling overseas, you can search for a floor plan that you think will be most comfortable for you.

These facilities may also have special laundry or dry cleaning facilities, the facility might have vending machines, and some of these buildings are attached to shopping centers. Pick the building that you believe offers the best experience for the student.

5. The Price

You can contact the facility to ask for basic prices, and you should ask them if they can give you a discount for filling a full suite, for a short stay, or for a very long stay. You may need to book a large block of rooms in advance, or you could ask that all your students are close to one another.

You can check prices online to learn how they may change during the year. Some of these facilities will ensure that the prices are set when you book even a year in advance. If you manage a study abroad program, you can get low prices now instead of paying higher prices just before the kids arrive.


There are a number of things that you need to consider when you are finding housing for your traveling students. The tips that are listed above will help you find the best place for the kids to live, and you can ask about things like security, floor plans, amenities, and the location as it relates to the school.