There is something sweet in enjoying some quality times with friends in the backyard. Most people will agree that the satisfaction that comes with hosting a party in the backyard is one of a kind. No wonder a good number of people have considered having their weddings in this part of the home compound.

The beauty of a backyard is that you can do a lot of things such as relaxing with your loved ones, enjoying some delicacies, entertaining your friends and much more. In fact, if you are creative, you can find unique ways to give your friends memorable experiences. If you have a beautiful backyard you are eager to show off to your friends the next time they visit your home, and below are superb ways you can use to entertain them.

Ways to make your backyard comfortable for your guests

Before you even think of hosting your guests, have a closer look at your backyard. You will surely notice some few or more things that are not in order. To ensure you have a smooth running of activities when your friends visit you, consider these ways and transform your backyard into an adorable space.

1. Lighting

You need to give your backyard space some homey touch. Begin with a source of lighting. You can just use an old chandelier. It will add some light and beauty at the same time. Remember to replace the old light bulbs in the chandelier with some solar lights to be more energy efficient. Using a fabulous decorative item, hang it at a tree branch. It will create an amazing view in your backyard.

Another lighting option for your backyard is the use of mosquito repellant torches. This is especially useful to DIYers. In that case, get some thick wicks, citronella oil and old wine bottles. They will provide light and double up as mosquito repellants. Hence, none of your guests will have to deal with the discomfort that comes with a mosquito bite.

You can also use the glow-in-the-dark paint and coat a few planters around the backyard. The impressive thing about this kind of paint is that it offers a source of light any night you intend to have guests in the backyard. The effect the paint gives off at night is extraordinary. You will love it and your friends will love it too.

2. Get a splash pad

What happens if you want a swimming pool but its cost is too high? You opt for a splash pad. It is that simple. Though not very cheap, the cost of splash pads is way more pocket friendly than constructing a swimming pool. Besides, the risk of drowning is highly reduced. So, upgrade your backyard with a splash pad. It offers a perfect option when it comes to entertaining your friends on a warm sunny day. Both kids and adults are guaranteed to have a good time.

3. Food and drinks

You need to consider the source of food and drinks when you are hosting a party at the backyard. As for beverages, you can consider both alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks to make sure every guest gets their favourite. As for the food, a buffet is preferred to ensure everybody gets what they like. Alternatively, since these are your friends, you can consider a barbecue. They will enjoy the evening while grilling some meat and seeping their favourite drinks. Don’t be scared by the cost associated with gas grills since it is easy to get a mid price range gas grill that can serve your needs pretty well.

Make sure you separate the food and beverage locations. This is important so that your guests won’t stumble on one serving station to get some food or drinks.

Fun activities to enjoy in the backyard

Below are awesome activities you can have with your friends in the backyard. It doesn’t matter how old you or your friends are. From the below list, you will surely get enough fun things to do with your buddies.

Play glow games

If you and your friends love to spend some quality time playing outdoor games, some glow games can do the magic. You will just have to look for necklaces and get some glow bracelets. Then, have fun as you play those rounds of ring toss. This game is more entertaining at night. The necklaces and the glowing neon bracelets look flamboyant and add more fun to the game.

Have a barbecue party

While playing some fun games in the backyard is entertaining, making some delicacies can also come in handy. This means you won’t be worried about where or who to make the food for you. You and your friends can take care of that as the fun continues. Invest in one of those small gas grills available in the market. It will serve you well for the longest time possible.

Play outdoor chess game

Gone are the times when chess was viewed as an indoor activity during harsh weather conditions. Interestingly, giant outdoor chess can be enjoyed outside. If you and your friends are chess enthusiasts, then why don’t you play outdoor chess? It’s a nice way to pass a quiet evening. Don’t worry, your giant outdoor chess won’t take too much space but it will keep most of your friends fully entertained.

Play board games

Another excellent way to entertain your friends in the backyard is to play board games. For board games, the options to choose from will spoil you. Visit a local game store and select the ones that appeals to your friends’ taste from the many varieties available. Some of the most renounced board games include Ticket to Ride, Catan, Risk and Sequence. Ensure you involve your friends before purchasing a game to avoid disappointments. You will surely have fun playing those board games since you will have an opportunity to interact with one another.


As you have read, it is pretty simple to host a party in the backyard and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Therefore, next time you plan to host your friends, make good use of the above information. Your friends will feel more appreciated and well-taken care of.