Did you know that the first video on YouTube was uploaded on 23rd April 2005? Since then, this video-sharing site has seen tremendous growth and is now one of the most popular sites on the internet.

But, what has made it so popular?

The answer is simple. YouTube has video content about almost anything that you can think of or imagine, be it some current news, music, soccer, beauty, name them. There are channels to teach you simple things like how to open a door or complex stuff like how to go to the moon.

We cannot deny the fact that YouTube is like a portable class. Anyone, anywhere and at any time can access well elaborated, informative, and educative videos and tutorials for those hard topics in high school or college. Below is a list of some of the channels that make this possible.

Math and Science

1. Numberphile

Brady Haran (owner of this channel) will amaze any math lover, and even any math phobic, with his interesting way of exploring the world of numbers. Ever thought that math would be this fun? Brady’s videos use an entertaining approach to explain otherwise boring and complex number properties.

2. Math TV

This is a favourite channel for many who want to understand a certain math concept, either basic or complex. It has more than 10,000 videos that have easy to follow, step by step instructions on how to solve a variety of math problems. Each question is solved by several instructors. So, if you did not understand from one tutor, you can always try the next one.

3. PatrickJMT

Patrick is one of the world’s most renowned mathematics gurus. The initials JMT in a channel name stand for Just Math Tutorials. And it offers exactly that. All his videos have elaborated how to solve various Math problems in a way that anyone can understand. And his channel is very popular among students for its precise way of explaining challenging calculus concepts.

4. Video math tutor

Students from their 7th grade until college have access to awesome math tutoring videos. And to make experience even better, a channel has several videos on calculator tips, brain teasers, and necessary study tips in math.

5. Mathademics

With Mathademics, math is no longer a hard subject. This channel will offer assistance with topics such as algebra, fractions and decimals, decimals, and many more. The tutorials are done by talented math professionals who make the videos very easy to understand.


6. Minute Physics

In his channel, Henry Reich aims at explaining and answering tricky Physics questions and concepts in a cool and simple way. These videos answer the questions using the shortest time possible. Thus this is a perfect channel when you are in a rush.

7. Vsauce

Vsauce is an extremely popular science channel on YouTube. So far, it has more than 1,500,000,000 views. The creator, Michael Stevens, shares videos on topics such as earth, space, human behaviour, physics, and general knowledge. Although Michael has no Ph.D., through intensive research, he can create very useful educative content for his numerous followers.

8. Applied Science

The main focus of site is technology and science. Here you will find videos on topics such as Chemistry, electronics, and electromechanical systems. Through his videos, Ben Krasnow shows how various high-tech projects are made, and work. If you are curious about science behind various real-world technological projects, a content here is great for you.

9. ASAP Science

Through their channel, Mitchell Moffit and Gregory Brown bring you enjoyable Science videos every week. If you are a curious mind, this is a great plat to form to learn about an interesting science revolving around your every day’s life. Some of topics covered include neurology, biology, and philosophy.

10. How Stuff Works

The owners of this education site use exciting videos to show curious minds how various things function. The videos cover a wide range of topics. Topics may be as simple as learning laundry symbols or more complex such as understanding sinuses.


11. Learn English with Emma

If you are looking to learn English, improve your writing, or consider getting help from online assignment writers, Emma’s channel will be a great resource. This Canadian based, TESOL certified teacher prides in her vast experience in teaching English. Her channel has over 900,000,000 views and more than 2,000,000 subscribers.

12. Terrible Writing Advice

Do you want to improve your writing skills? This channel will help you achieve exactly that. But unlike every other channel out there, Joseph Beaubien achieves this by sarcastically telling you writing mistakes that you should avoid.

13. Jenna Moreci

If you are looking forward to writing a book, Jenna, who is also a book writer will help you through. You will learn a lot of several crucial concepts that you need in your writing journey. She will teach you basics like how to handle criticism and self-doubt and other serious topics such as character development, scene setting and many more.

Her videos are interesting and funny. This makes education you gain from her content, a lifetime resource for you.

14. ShaelinWrites

For any new writer, inspiration from someone who has made it will go a long way. And what’s better than learning from a passionate young writer? At the age of 20, Shaelin (a 3rd year writing student from Canada) has already written 8 novels. Through her videos, she shares various tips on writing and will tell you how she handles challenges she faces on her writing journey.


15. NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration)

Do you love space and various scientific discoveries? The various research videos on this channel give you an exciting opportunity to take your much desired virtual trip to space. You will explore everything in space, from the moon to Mars, and witness a discovery of things you never thought existed.

16. Wonder Why

Have you ever wondered what the oldest country in the world is? Or have you ever asked yourself why countries cannot just print money to pay off their debts? This entertaining channel provides answers to these and many more questions.

17. National Geographic

This is the world’s home of science, exploration, and adventure. Several world-class photographers, journalists, scientists, and filmmakers team up to bring important stories closer to you. Videos are uploaded every day following an established schedule. Topics covered include History & Culture, Nature, Environment, Exploration, Science, Fun Facts, and Travel & Adventure.

18. Geography and Planning Cardiff University

This is an initiative by Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning, with the aim of providing learners with educational videos on applied human geography and urban studies. Videos are uploaded about two times every month.

19. Geography Now

Are you interested in learning everything about every county there is in the world? Or would you like to discover more about various continents? This channel will offer you that and much more. Currently, there is an interesting series of videos that is covering all countries in the world alphabetically.

20. Wendover Productions

The channel aims at providing well researched interesting videos that teach how the world works. Videos are uploaded every Tuesday. The topics covered range from economics, to travel, to geography, and many more entertaining topics – all explaining a certain aspect of the world.

21. Real Life Lore

Unlike ‘Wonder Why’, the videos on this channel answer questions you have never thought about or asked. Topics that are covered are mostly Geography, History, Science, and Economics. Have you ever thought what would be depth of the deepest whole anyone can ever dig? Check out this channel for such and more educational content.


22. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

As an organisation, CDC is tasked with the role of protecting people of America against all kinds of diseases. This channel aims at ensuring this mission has been achieved. To help them reach a wider audience, occasional videos are uploaded to inform users of various current diseases, their occurrence, and their prevention.

23. World Health Organization

This channel uploads regular videos in several languages informing people around the world about recent and common health trends. Also, there are plenty of videos that focus on various health education topics necessary for people around the world.


24. Financial Education

Jeremy created this channel with an aim of providing a platform where anybody, anywhere can learn about entrepreneurship, personal finance skills, and investment. He uploads new videos about six times a week. Thus, finance lovers have plenty of quality information to learn from.

25. Ehow finance

This channel offers its audience very practical tips and advice on matters money. You will learn tips on how to make, manage, invest, and save your money. Videos provide well-explained content on topics such as taxes, insurance, real estate etc.


26. Alternate History Hub

Have you ever thought of what would have happened if things had occurred differently back in history? The author uses geographical knowledge, historical facts, and other population details to predict what would have happened had things been different. As a result, videos bring an interesting twist to learning history. Every video starts with a brief lesson on particular historical event before diving into, “What ifs”.

27. The Great War

Indiana Neidell takes you through a series of videos, week by week, to uncover events of the First World War. Maybe you are wondering, “But is the World War 1 such a long story?” Yes, it is. Indiana’s videos are very comprehensive. They cover even the tiniest details that everyone else left out.

By watching a few of his videos, you will clearly notice his deep passion for what he teaches. Also, he incorporates various tactics to warn against people repeating mistakes done back then, by emphasising the great repercussions that war had on humanity.

28. It’s History

For history enthusiasts, this site is ideal for you. The host will capture your attention as he takes you on a trip down history lane. The videos are mostly between three and ten minutes long. The channel covers topic s that range from different important eras to the greatest inventions of all time.

29. Simple History

As its names suggest, videos on this channel tell only basics of who did what, when, where, and how. This makes it perfect for a person looking for a quick reminder on a topic, or one who wants is not interested in the details. Simple animation videos will give you a recap of topics like ethnicity, culture, battles, and many other historical events.

30. Epic History TV

This channel, which was created by a History enthusiast, targets to capture an attention of students, history nerds, and other viewers seeking entertaining content. Past historical events are presented to you in epic, dramatic, informative animated videos. The videos are well researched to equip you with all historical information there is.

Official College Sites

Every aspect of the world today is going digital, and top institutions have not been left behind. Most universities and colleges have now incorporated e-learning into their programs. Therefore, education has been made easier as more people can access lecturers on various topics and courses by some of the world’s leading professionals.

31. Yale Courses

This is a resource by Yale University that provides high-quality lecture videos to cover whole coursework of 42 undergraduate courses offered at the university. The videos also include other resources such as exams, practice exercises, and suggested readings. The courses covered range from arts to physical and biological sciences.

32. MIT Open Courseware

From one of the best universities in the world, this free resources by Massachusetts Institute of Technology offer anyone access to entire syllabus of almost all courses offered at the university. More than 100 courses (both undergraduate and graduate) are available to public as open educational resources.

33. Gresham College

Just like other two sites above, this site avails free lectures that are accessible by anyone. But unlike them, institution does not enrol any students. It only hosts free lectures, around 140 every year, which are then published online.

Other YouTube channels

34. Khan Academy

With over 1,600,000,000 views, this channel has helped many learners and teachers with their educational needs. This nonprofit organisation provides videos on various subjects such as Math, Chemistry, Biology, History, Physics, Grammar, Finance etc.

Also, teachers have access to data on a performance of their students which helps them effectively improve an overall teaching experience.

35. Crash course

If you are planning on learning a new subject, this is a place for you. This YouTube channel was started by Hank Green and John Green. Its popularity is evident from the more than 968 million views. It gives you access to educational videos on various courses including U.S. history, Chemistry, Physics, Games, Sociology, Biology, Literature, Computer Science, Astronomy, Economics, and many more.

36. TED-Ed

To show his commitment to creating various lessons worth sharing, Ted-Ed brings together talented animators and educators to come up carefully crafted educational videos. The mission of this channel is to spread great ideas. The topics range covered is very wide and can include health, student talks, history, and nature. If you are looking to broaden your knowledge on various topics, this is a good site for you. Videos are uploaded at least twice per week.


Although most people usually use YouTube for entertainment purposes, it can be an ultimate saviour in many situations. Let’s say you missed a calculus class, didn’t grasp a thing lecturer said, or are interested in learning something new, YouTube will come in handy.

By searching through above channels, you will have answers to a majority of your questions. And unlike a classroom scenario, you can replay the video as many times as you want. But remember, there are very many other channels with great and well-elaborated content. Do not be limited by above list—it is not comprehensive. Hence research widely, and you will be impressed by an amount of educative content that YouTube has to offer.