Yoga is an important field that’s constantly growing, and yoga teachers are unsung heroes in our communities. More than 36 million Americans practice Yoga, and over one-third plan to try yoga sometime in the next year. If you’re interested in becoming a yoga instructor, it’s important to understand the yoga itself in addition to the business-related parts of the job.

While yoga has a history in the United States dating back to the 1890s, modern yoga as we understand it truly began in the 1950s. Since then, it has spread to our offices, schools, and hospitals, making a positive impact for people of all walks of life. While most yoga instructors are more interested in this positive impact, you can make a great living as a yoga teacher. This article will discuss some great ways to increase your income as an instructor.

How Much Do Yoga Teachers Make?

Unlike many other fields, teaching yoga typically comes with a high level of flexibility. While some instructors work part-time or less, others teach several classes a day. Actual income varies based on this as well as other factors, including experience and location. Before we look at the numbers, here are some of the main criteria that can affect your earnings:

Class frequency: instructors need to determine the work-life balance that works for them, and yoga is a great field to work in if you don’t have full-time availability. That said, you’ll obviously be able to make more money if you are able to work a full-time schedule.

Location: this includes both the city you’re in and the studio itself. Income will typically be higher in large cities with a greater cost of living, but this can also vary. Teachers who work at established, well-known studios are likely to make more, but many top studios require both certification and Yoga instructor insurance.

Business experience and expertise: just as yoga itself is difficult to master, the business side of the job can take time to learn, and instructors who are skilled negotiators and budgeters are likely to be more successful. Similarly, building up experience teaching yoga will allow you to earn more as you will have refined your craft and reputation.

Specialization and style: instructors who focus on a specific field, such as children’s yoga or therapeutic yoga, are often able to make more than more general practitioners. Some teachers have even created their own unique styles to appeal to a specific audience. If you’re interested, you can also work in other fields. Many instructors are involved in other healing arts.

Following: Yoga is a personal practice and is often most enjoyable when the student feels connected to the teacher. Yoga instructors who develop a following make more money. They often publish their teaching schedule and will have students follow them from class to class. Teachers that have a following can demand more pay per class and private yoga studios are often willing to pay extra for a teacher that can fill classes.

Average Yoga Instructor Salary

While your actual income will depend on the above factors and more, yoga in general is a strong industry. In fact, the 2018 Occupational Outlook Handbook predicts that the demand for fitness professionals to grow faster than average.

As a teacher, you can work for hourly pay or a rate per-class. Some instructors are full-time studio employees and earn a salary. They’re commonly responsible for more than just their own classes, often providing management or administrative services. Here are some estimates for what you can expect to make as a yoga instructor:

Source Low Average High $30,000 per year $38,000 per year $78,000 per year
2018 Occupational Outlook Handbook $19,640 per year $39,210 per year $74,520 per year $7.25 per hour $27.51 per hour $69.25 per hour

While most teachers are paid by the hour or year, it’s also possible to be paid on a per-class basis. This rate varies from roughly $35 for an inexperienced instructor to up to $75 for those with more of a reputation. Certification and insurance will also help you negotiate a better per-class rate.

How to Increase Your Income as a Yoga Teacher

There are a variety of ways to increase your earnings potential as a yoga instructor, and no matter where you are in your career, you can always reach new goals. Many teachers focus only on the yoga, and while this is obviously important, you’ll need strong business-related skills as well. Insurance is vital for instructors, as yoga-related injuries are rising. Here are five ways to start improving your income as a yoga instructor:

1. Diversify your skillset

In addition to yoga, you can also earn money through other healing and wellness crafts. Getting certified in massage therapy or personal training will give you another source of income. You can also sell herbal remedies, and many of your yoga clients will be interested in these other products and services.

2. Teach privately

While studios offer a level of security, they also take a cut of your earnings. Working on your own allows you to set your own schedule and rates without a middleman. Of course, it’s even more important to be insured without the backing of a studio.

3. Teach other instructors

It’s common for yoga students to later become instructors, and training new teachers can be a great source of income for experienced instructors. This will likely require special certification.

4. Use the internet

Internet marketing is taking on increased importance in a variety of industries, and yoga is no exception. Harnessing digital marketing and social media to grow your following can be effective regardless of your budget. In addition to marketing traditional classes, you can also offer subscriptions, educational materials, and video classes.

5. Protect yourself

While the vast majority of classes go well, yoga does involve some risk, and you may face a lawsuit at some point in your career. Insurance protects you from this liability and also makes you more marketable when pursuing teaching opportunities. BizInsure provides reliable, affordable insurance for yoga instructors.

While working as a yoga instructor is often extremely rewarding, it’s important to keep the business side of the job in mind if you plan to turn it into a career. Successful teachers work hard, invest in themselves, and build a community using sound business principles. BizInsure uses cutting-edge technology and licensed agent support to provide high-quality yoga insurance.


Following these guidelines will help you increase your earnings potential and widen your audience as a yoga instructor. No matter where you are in your journey as a yoga instructor, you can take advantage of these ideas to grow your practice. Countless teachers have done it before you, so why wait? The best time to start honing your craft is right now.