Nowadays modern kitchens are very popular, however, many people prefer the traditional style. Beautiful ornaments, vintage style appliances, unique looking furniture – this is what makes many people pick traditional kitchens. They’re often chosen by people who aren’t big fans of contemporary kitchens. Their warm setting always gives the impression that there are people living there and the house doesn’t feel empty.

Traditional kitchens are inspired by English, Mediterranean and French designs. Attention to details and decorative accessories are characteristic for this type of kitchens. Traditional style is sometimes confused with the Old World design but the colour palette is different. Old World uses gold and bright blue shades while traditional kitchen typically have soft and warm neutral colours like white, cream, green, light grey, taupe or cherry. There are also a lot windows to let the natural light inside. The floors are often wooden which is an opposite of cold and not inviting tiles.


Traditional kitchens have luxurious non-polished countertops usually made of quartz, granite or marble. However, it’s worth to remember that marble is high-maintenance. In this case, quartz is worth considering as it’s low-maintenance. To make the kitchen look more traditional it’s good to choose decorative cabinets. Many of them are made to look aged and used. One of methods to achieve it is using whitewashed wood panels. Using two or more styles for cabinet doors is acceptable so a certain style for a breakfast bar and a different one for cabinets will make them look interesting. Traditional cabinet doors are usually framed, have a raised panel and more details than modern cabinets.

Sinks and cookers

In traditional kitchens we can usually find farmhouse sinks and vintage cookers. Some people go all the way and choose cookers with old-style ovens that look like the ones from a grandma house. The sinks often have an apron front to make them look more homely.


Traditional kitchens are all about small details that make them more cosy. For example the backsplash is simple when it comes to the colour and style because other accessories are already decorative. Coffered ceilings, arches and moldings add a vintage, old-style look. Brackets, moldings and corbels are also interesting details and adding legs and pilasters to islands is also a nice touch. As for a kitchen hood, you can use metal, stone and plaster so that it’s easier to customise it and add some embellished details.


When it comes to lighting, it’s best to choose it at the end to emphasize the traditional style of the kitchen. Usually ornate lighting like brass or crystal chandelier is added. The light should be very bright to make the kitchen feel cosy and welcoming.

Traditional kitchens are definitely special when it comes to their vintage and ornamental looks. They are very elegant and will definitely impress visitors. By adding old-style looking appliances like blender or coffee machine you will create a nostalgic feeling of the old granny house. Traditional kitchen will give your house an unique style.