Every morning, you open your closet to choose an outfit and get ready for work. But overflowing containers, piles of shoes, and messy floors can make it hard to find what you need.

When your closet is organized, you’ll rest easy. Everything is precisely where it needs to be, so you can easily get ready for your day and head out the door.

That’s why you should focus on reorganizing your closet. Having a beautiful, space-efficient closet space will feel like heaven on earth!

Check out these tricks, apply them, and you’ll never have to worry about reorganizing your closet again. (Well, unless you continue to make a mess)

It’s time to tame the clutter and keep your closet organized for good!

1. Get Rid of Hoarded Belongings

What, do you think the apocalypse is coming?

If you have clothing in every color and size, it’s time to do some purging. The same goes for accessories, such as belts, shoes, and scarves.

Take everything out of your closet and make some tough decisions. If you haven’t already sorted your belongings, pull them out and sort them by season.

After sorting clothing and accessories by season, narrow down your collection. For example, take stock of how many winter jackets you have. If you have nine, get rid of a few.

It’s not good to have dozens of garments in your closet that you don’t even wear. If you have 20 unworn long-sleeve shirts taking up space, it’s time to donate some of them.

By starting the organization process with a purge, you’ll have less stuff to put back into your closet.

2. Remove Everything and Deep Clean

Are you still intent on giving your closet a makeover? If so, cleaning your closet (yes, like with soap and water) is essential.

Don’t just focus on the items that have fallen onto the floor – take out everything. That way, you can clean all of the nooks and corners of the space.

After everything is out, give your closet a deep cleaning. This means:

  • Vacuuming
  • Wiping down shelves
  • Scrubbing scuff marks off the walls

Make sure everything gets scrubbed down and spiffed up before putting things back. You’ll be in awe of how clean your closet looks!

3. Leave Empty Spaces Alone

Once your closet is organized, you may get an itch to add more to it. Suddenly there’s room for that jacket you wanted and a few more pairs of jeans.

But wait – that’s a bad idea! Before you buy more clothes you don’t need, think about how much work you put into transforming your closet.

The last thing you want to do is undo your effort. So resist the urge to go shopping for new clothes. There are better things you can spend your money on, such as new furniture for the living room.

Of course, you’ll eventually have to buy some new things. That’s okay, but you should avoid re-cluttering your closet. When your closet is filled to the brim, you’ll never be able to find anything!

4. Conserve Prime Storage Space

If you have enough space above your closet door, why not store some of your larger, bulkier items up there?

Backpacks and gym bags, for example, are often too big for the closet. But, you can store them on a shelf above the door just fine.

Or, you can hang hooks above the door for hanging bags. This is a great way to get them out of the way and open up more space in your closet.

Just make sure the hooks are sturdy enough. And make sure the bags aren’t too heavy, either. You don’t want to deal with a catastrophe if something should fall!

If you really want to take advantage of the space, fold up all of your small bags and put them inside a single large one. As long as the hook is strong enough, you can hang the main bag on the hook and keep all of your bags in the same spot!

5. Keep Everything Uniform

Want to make your closet feel like a whole new space?

Buy some matching hangers and boxes for it! With color-coordinated storage solutions, your closet will look more orderly and unified.

Also, work on keeping containers the same size. Or, at least have a few large and small boxes that match.

Keeping things uniform will make your closet more eye-pleasing.

There’s such a thing as visual clutter. Mismatched hangers and different sized boxes can have just as negative of an effect on your brain as piles of trash in the closet.

So, do yourself a favor and buy some matching organizational tools. You’ll be all the better for it!

In Conclusion

An organized closet is the key to making your apartment more livable. Taking a few days to get it in order will have a positive impact on your life.

You’ll no longer have to worry about tripping over a misplaced shoe or getting tangled up in too many scarves.

The tactics above don’t take very long to implement, either. Less than a month from now, you could have the neat and tidy closet you’ve always wanted!
About the author

This article was written by Lindsey, the Community Manager for Siesta Key, a luxury apartment community in Rockville, MD.