Injuries can be catastrophic for gas explosion victims. They can suffer from third-degree burns and disfigurement of the face, extremities, and other body parts.

In most cases, gas explosion injuries happen because of the negligence of others. Natural gas doesn’t have any odour. For this reason, companies need to make sure that they add fragrance so that a gas leakage can be identified. However, in some scenarios, companies and manufacturers fail to add any fragrance, and then because of a leakage that cannot be identified, people suffer greatly. If you were burned by a gas explosion caused by negligence, then it is important to contact a burn injury legal advisor like Attorney Will Walker. Let’s dig into more about gas explosion injuries and compensation.

What is a Gas Explosion?

A gas explosion is the outcome of a gas leak. In cases of leakage, gas can combine with ignitable material to create an explosion that causes unimaginable suffering. Gas explosions can be devastating for all people who happen to be in the vicinity at the time of the explosion.

What Are Possible Settings of Gas Explosions?

A gas explosion can happen in any setting, be it agricultural, commercial or residential. In a suburban habitat, the blast can be much more severe. At homes, people usually use propane or natural gas, and that has the potential to combine with ignitable material a lot more than the other gases.

Homeowner’s negligence is Not the Only Cause of a Gas Explosion!

Manufacturers would like people to believe that a gas explosion is the result of the negligence of homeowners. However, this is not always the case. Many times, the management as well as product manufacturers are responsible for gas explosions.

It is imperative to make the at-fault person or manufacturer accountable for their mistakes. It is always a good idea to consult with a professional attorney so that gas explosion tragedies can be resolved professionally and legally.

Fair Compensation for Explosion Related Injuries

No one can deny the fact that a gas explosion can make a person suffer insanely. The victims of gas explosions deserve justice and fair compensation for medical expenses they incur. A professional attorney can help you get the compensation in case there are serious injuries involved like:

Lung trauma – According to the researchers of the national institute of health, it is said that even if a person does not suffer from any visible signs, there can still be lung trauma. Lungs tend to be traumatized as a result of a gas explosion.

External or internal damage due to objects – If there is a blast as a result of a gas explosion, then objects tend to penetrate the human body. As a result, a person can suffer from external or internal damage.

Third degree burns – an explosion is usually very fiery. It can leave a person suffering from third-degree burns.

Loss of hearing – loss of hearing can also be called acoustic trauma. A sudden and loud noise can cause a person to lose their hearing.

In the cases of tragedies mentioned above, a person or a family can rightfully ask for compensation.

How can attorneys help in case of a gas explosion?

People like believing that compensation is out of the question in cases of gas explosions out of negligence. However, reimbursement is your right, and only a professional lawyer can help you get it.

Lawyers are assets, and they tend to solve the gas explosion issues fairly because of their experience and expertise. An attorney can investigate the matter in the best way possible; he can trace the incident to the point of negligence. He can help in the gathering facts, defective products, broken gas lines, valves, and seals. When it comes to looking for the right evidence, a good lawyer knows where to look. For this reason, they are the best fit if you want to get fair compensation.


Don’t fault yourself for your gas explosion injuries. There are dozens of potential reasons for these types of injuries and it is good if you let an attorney investigate it when you are not at fault.