Decorating a living space can sometimes be an overwhelming task. We want it to be the best reflection of our style and creativity. In any room, the fewer walls and an open floor plan allows for more natural light to shine through and a wider range of options for furnishings, wall colors and area rugs.

The flooring in most home settings has the most dominant visual space because of its size. When you have more than one seating area in your home asides from your living room, then it is essential to add multiple rugs. There are a lot of preconceived rules when it comes to combining rugs, from the mix of patterns, sizes, and colors. The space is yours to experiment with, so one must not be afraid to explore the possibilities. There are numerous ways to curate and combine area rugs without ruining your aesthetic.

Here we list creative ways to combine area rugs in a room.

Mix rugs with different textures

Step out of your comfort zone and move away from matching rugs. It’s best to find complementary design styles and combine patterned rugs with another piece that is more textural. Combining small patterns with large scale prints are also an option. Patterns and textures can link various area rugs and make your room look visually interesting. The addition of quality vintage rugs is a classic choice for a traditional or more luxurious look. The vast variety of elaborate patterns available makes decorating with them satisfying. Textured rugs with natural fibers such as cotton, silk, and wool can create a chic effect when mixed with your contemporary furniture.

Go monochrome

When in doubt, use rugs in the same color family. Having a unifying color between multiple rugs of different sizes and textures can help make the living space look cohesive. It wouldn’t matter if there is a mixture of rugs that are with busy prints or a solid color as long as they have a color that is common. One can use a variety of patterns for an opulent effect without overwhelming the room as long as the rugs connect with color.

Experiment with styles

If you’re aiming to make a bold statement, putting two immensely different rugs together in a space can work. A traditional room with wooden floors, large windows, and high ceilings will be easier to work with. A mixture of modern rugs with oriental area rugs can make for an eclectic space.

Pair it up

It may sound like the safer choice, but using two of the same rug is a good option. Matching rugs can be a successful way to create harmony throughout your space. It’s not necessary to stay with basic neutral patterns, but go bold to reflect your own personal style. If you like keeping it simple, pairing is easy when one of the rugs is neutral.

Combine complementary colors

Taking two rugs in complementary colors is a great way to bring color to a room. This choice produces a bold and creative living space and is most often successful when using two or more solid rugs in complementary colors.

Explore sizes and shapes

Rugs of different shapes and sizes can make your flooring look interesting if you’re aiming for that bohemian look. Layering one rug on top of a number in different colors, patterns, and sizes but with a similar weave could work. This all depends on the size of your room and which spaces you aim to emphasize. Different sizes of varying rugs in a room can create a visually interesting effect.

Determine your space

Use different rugs for each area. By doing this it defines your space and seating area. For example, a colorful rug can work best in a child’s room, while a large rectangular wool rug can go well under sofas in your living room. Different floor coverings can help distinguish each living space. For harmony, the rugs can share a similar color palette.